Integrate QuickBooks Online for effortless invoicing

Timely is the easiest way to capture all your billable hours — tracking your activity automatically so every minute of project work makes it to your timesheet. 💰 But translating your Timely data into an accurate invoice has historically involved quite a bit of manual work with specialist accounting tools.

That ends today. Due to overwhelming popular demand, we’ve just built our first invoicing integration with QuickBooks Online. This allows Timely to draft accurate invoices for all unbilled work across projects and clients, and send them directly to QuickBooks for your approval.

There’s no need to export Timely reports and import data into QuickBooks, or manually mark entries as “Billed” once invoiced — Timely now handles the whole admin slog for you. Harness the power of automatic time tracking and produce accurate, professional invoices with minimal effort.

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Behold your new Invoices page

All the magic happens from your shiny, new Invoices page, which is available to workspace Admins and Managers on Premium and Unlimited plans. Provided you are an Admin user, head to Settings > Integrations to set up the QuickBooks integration. 👉 This article walks through the set-up process step by step.

Once integrated, hit the “+ New Invoice” button whenever you want to invoice your work. From the dialog that appears, you’ll be able to set your invoicing preferences — whether you want to create invoices for all unbilled entries across your project and client portfolio, or create a single invoice for a specific piece of work. You can also pick a date range for the entries you want to invoice and choose what line item information to include.

Note: you can only invoice un-billed entries that have an hourly billable rate

Once you’ve made your selections, hit “Create” and Timely will draft your invoice (or invoices!). Just hit “Send to QuickBooks” when you’re ready to push your invoice directly to QuickBooks. From QuickBooks Online, you can then add custom details — like PO numbers, VAT and discounts — before sending your invoice on to your client.

Stay on top of invoicing across your workspace

Every invoice you generate in Timely will appear on your Invoices page along with a real-time status, so you don’t have to keep switching between tools for vital billing information. This view is organized chronologically based on the latest invoice status activity, but you can filter it to quickly hone in on specific information — whether you want to check “void” invoices, only view invoices you created, or see your invoicing history for a specific project or client. You can also sort your view by Client, Integration, Status, Invoice Total, Creator, Updated Timestamp and Due Date.

Any entry included in an invoice will automatically be marked as “Billed via invoice” for you in Timely — ensuring that it can’t be edited or billed twice. Previously, you had to do this final step manually, so this update should save you a ton of time and effort at the end of the month — as well as reduce the risk of expensive manual errors.

For easy access, we’ve also added an Invoices tab to each individual project page, so you can quickly check on all billing activity and invoice for a specific client project.

We know this feature is important to so many of you. By streamlining routine accounting and billing, Timely can now minimize another low-value task in the way of productive work. That’s why we want to continue building integrations with other top-requested accounting platforms — Xero and FreshBooks are at the top of the wish list! If there’s a specific integration that would bring you closer to client invoicing bliss, send a message to

🌟 This integration is currently only available on our Premium and Unlimited plans. If you are an Admin user, head to Settings > Subscriptions to upgrade your plan.

For a full breakdown of how to get started 👉 check out our walkthrough guide. 👈

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