Introducing Memory AI – Fully Automatic Time Tracking Powered by Deep Learning

Why choose Timely?

Thousands of companies all around the world use Timely to increase their profits.

Software your team will love

One of the most dreaded tasks of workers, independent of industry, is filling out timesheets. It takes time, requires mental effort, and people would rather focus on ‘real’ work rather than boring admin tasks. No wonder most managers have huge troubles getting their team to submit timesheets on time.

Timely solves this by making it easy, fast and enjoyable to create and submit highly accurate timesheets.

Up to 75% less overhead

The overhead cost of tracking time can be very heavy. A survey from the legal industry revealed that a lawyer spends on average 3.1 hours per month filling timesheets.

The average Timely user spends on average 45 minutes per month filling timesheets. Wouldn't you rather have your team spend that time on billable work?

Time data you can trust

Most timesheets are made up on the spot. Why? Because people are expected to remember what they worked on the week before, when they can't even remember what they did before lunch.

That's why we build products like Memory. To help people remember what they worked on, so that you can trust your data and make the right decisions.

Minimum training required

Our focus is to build products that anyone can use, with minimal or no training required. That's why we based our interface on familiar concepts like the calendar we all know and love.

We also have an extensive library of help articles, and an army of friendly support staff ready to help anyone who gets stuck. And of course, we're happy to schedule a training session with your team.

Works with your existing systems

Timely requires no installation, it's all hosted in the cloud. It's compatible with all your other IT systems. We even have a well-documented API you can use to develop integrations with your existing systems.

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