Time tracking
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Privacy in time tracking

Privacy in time tracking

At Timely, we take your privacy seriously, and we're committed to delivering on our privacy promise.

It all comes down to what our tool is designed to do… empower teams to do their best work. To do this they need fast, reliable automatic time tracking, leaving them free to do the work they’ve been employed to do. 

Never Employee Surveillance

Unlike some tools, Timely does not engage in tactics like taking sly screenshots as users work or allowing bosses to sneakily spy on their machines. We prioritize building a tool that enhances productivity rather than implementing invasive features. So, not only have we not taken the time to develop these features, they will never be a part of Timely, now or in the future.

Your Data, Your Control

At Timely, we take a firm stance on not sharing any user data with third parties. This principle is not just a policy; it's a fundamental aspect of our approach. Your data is securely housed on ISO 27001 certified AWS servers, providing a safe storage environment within the EU.

Trust as a Foundation

Trust is one of the foundations our business is built on, as such it is not a subject that we take lightly. Your data belongs to you and it’s up to you what you share, when - you’re in control and we’re committed to keeping it that way. By using Timely you’ll be in full control ensuring that information is only shared when you want it to be.

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