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How to split your working hours in Google Calendar

Make the most of Google Calendar! Create events, set start and finish times, and invite guests. Streamline your working day and make time-management easier.

10 Best Time Management Tips for Work in 2023

Struggling with time management at work? Learn how to create a great plan and track your time with our helpful tips and tricks for 2023.

Track Your Time in Spreadsheets

Need to track time? Make spreadsheets work for you! Easily capture, store, and organize time data with spreadsheets and share these with others.

Five misconceptions about a large tech stack that are draining your profits

A large tech stack can be a great asset to a business, but it's a drain on profits. The true cost of a large tech stack is not the maintenance but the lack of insight into time waste. To combat this, Timely offers an integrated ecosystem that gives businesses complete visibility into their workday, allowing them to identify pockets of deep work and productivity and time drains like meetings and admin. This allows businesses to make better time and labour forecasts for the business.

How to create a weekly work plan

Taking it one step at a time can make a major impact on your productivity. Try creating a weekly plan to improve your productivity, focus and decision making.

The Eisenhower Matrix: How (and why) to use one

The Eisenhower Matrix is a visual tool for identifying your priorities. It's a square split into four even quadrants.
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