Automatic time tracking
for accountants

Timely’s intuitive and modern design make it a favorite among accounting teams. Learn why firms, finance teams, bookkeepers and freelance accountants choose Timely to bill clients accurately, manage profitability, and drive internal efficiency.

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Automatic time tracking for accountants

Accurate, effortless, modern time tracking

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No more start/stop timers

Timely tracks everything you work on automatically in the background as you move between clients and tasks, so your team can work naturally without interruption.

Save hours on timesheets

Minimize timesheet admin

Log accurate timesheets when it suits you with a simple drag and drop. Timely’s simple UI and automatic time tracking have helped other teams reduce timesheet admin by 75%.

Bill accurately

Action your to-do list

Timely’s task management capabilities help you stay on top of your workload. Build a winning schedule in harmony with your capacity, deadlines, and priorities.

Capture every billable second

By objectively recording all the time you spend on every document, meeting, email and work app, Timely lets you bill clients honestly and provide a detailed breakdown of all services rendered.

Bill accurately

Manage energy and resources

Real-time dashboards, live reports and powerful planning keep teams on top of capacity, deadlines, billable percentage, budget spend, time on clients and more.


Empower your people

Timely’s refreshing modern design, intuitive controls and privacy-first approach make it a time tracking tool that people actually want to use.


Onboard teams painlessly

It takes under ten minutes to get people up and running in Timely, with world-class customer support only a chat message away.

Easy Onboarding

“Timely is helping our organization transform time tracking from a chore to a simple review process.”

See how Grant Thornton leverages Timely’s automation to increase time tracking accuracy and efficiency across its Legal and Finance, Tax and Regulatory, and IT departments.

Read how law firms use Timely

100% creep-proof

Timely doesn't support employee screenshots, keystroke monitoring, or any other creepy surveillance tactics—and it never will.
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Get the full picture of your accountancy

Automatically capture all billable hours as you jump between clients

Map out big deliverables and individual tasks

Uncover “hidden” billable hours spent on travel, emails and meetings

Build accountability and transparency with detailed live client reports

Know exactly how long your team spends on different projects and clients

See client budget spend and money earned across multiple rates in real time

Keep all team work, overtime, and capacity visible

Optimize fixed fees using complete client time data

Connect your stack

Timely’s native integrations and open APIs let you easily connect data across your existing digital toolkit. Enjoy modern, automatic time tracking without changing the workflows you’ve spent years perfecting.

Trusted by over 5,000 customers worldwide

“Trying to think back and answer “what did I do that day?” was the worst time of the week. Timely is a necessity. I love the GPS tracking, automation and just how simple it is.”
— Hanna, bookkeeper
“Timely does everything you want it to. It makes it so simple for our team to track their time to manage company profitability.”
— Annabel, finance officer
"I need a simple way to track my time for a dozen or so clients. Timely was the most straight forward, intuitive and easy to use solution I found, and the support staff is very responsive in a good way :)"
— Nancy, accountant
“Working across several clients at the same time, time tracking has always been time consuming and painful. Timely has completely resolved that issue. It captures everything I work on so I can see exactly how much time I have worked on a certain client project.”
— Marlene, bookkeeper
“While I charge clients fixed fees, it is essential for good practice management to be able to monitor where our most valuable resource (time) is being spent. I constantly switch between clients, which makes time recording very difficult. I previously used Toggl, but remembering to stop the timer was near impossible! I couldn't be more pleased when I found Timely’s automatic time tracking.”
— Richard, accountant
“I knew I was missing time due to bouncing from client to client, and was looking for something to capture those lost billables. I can already tell Timely is going to help me bill more of my time, increasing my revenue without increasing my work.”
— Melanie, accountant
“Timely will revolutionise your time tracking, whether you bill by the hour or do fixed price engagements. Its automation has helped stop the end-of-the-week Excel timesheet guess work, which used to take us at least an hour to do manually.”
— Wernardt, accounting and tax consultancy director
“Timely is the best way to measure exactly where your time goes. It lets me measure which projects are most and least profitable—and accurately track all the mini-tasks that constantly take up so much time. Timers can’t compare—there is no other way to accurately measure what you spend time on.”
— Brian, accountant
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