What you do matters.

However you look at it, work makes up a huge part of your existence. With that time, you have a huge opportunity — to develop personally, to elevate your society, to contribute something bigger than yourself. It is your individual space to do something that matters.

So why does so much of our work feel so meaningless?

90,000 hours.
3,507 days.
1/3 of your life.

Digital dissonance

How many emails have you received today? How many chat messages? How many hours have you spent in meetings, managing work tools, and fiddling with admin?

Now ask yourself: how much of this actually matter?

Millions of us wrestle with digital distractions on a daily basis. It makes it impossible to focus or be present in our work, but we’ve somehow come to accept it. We allow everyone and everything to divert our attention. To rewrite our schedule. To redefine our priorities. And unconsciously, we lose our space for meaningful action.

A better future of work

Over the last few decades, our tools have pursued connectivity and instant availability at the expense of meaning. Instead of amplifying our human abilities, they have weighed us down; creating new inefficiencies in place of those they remove. Many are disruptive by design, using intrusive notifications and reward-based psychology to trap us in unproductive, passive cycles.

But at Memory, we still believe in the potential of tools.

And we know we can build better. We want to think beyond what we already have. We want to solve problems instead of airbrushing them. We want to build tools that help you reconnect with your purpose.

So you rediscover love for your work. So you use your 90,000 hours to create something useful. So you do something that matters.