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Sync ClickUp Users, Spaces, Folders, Lists, Tags and Tasks to Timely to track time effectively on all of your work.

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To help save you time as you update or manage your projects and productivity throughout your day, we’re pleased to announce a brand new integration between Timely and ClickUp.

Sync projects with ClickUp

As project managers, you shouldn’t have to waste time replicating your ClickUp work in Timely.

You can now see all the same Tasks and activities that you've created and updated in ClickUp right within Timely - all seamlessly synced over without any hassle.

How do I sync with ClickUp  

It's easy! Timely and ClickUp are the perfect pair. Just head over to the Settings < Ecosystem section in Timely, select the ClickUp option, and follow the prompts to get connected.

The ClickUp sync integration with Timely is only available on Premium and Unlimited plans. To connect the integration you need to have admin access level permissions in both platforms.

This integration allows information and specific activities to flow between ClickUp and Timely based on your configuration. When connecting for the first time you'll be prompted to map the different elements of your ClickUp workspace to Timely, to ensure everything aligns correctly. The same users associated with a Space in ClickUp will be granted project access in Timely. 

If you have a Tasks subscription, all Tasks from ClickUp will also be synced to Timely Tasks. When you log time against an imported Task in Timely, we’ll update your tracked time in ClickUp too. Easy!

Users and Tags will be synced as well from ClickUp to Timely. All tags imported from ClickUp will be organized under one Tag List.

Optimize how you deliver projects 

While ClickUp is built for project management - helping you plan, brief, and assign deliverables, Timely gives teams deeper insight into tracked time — helping you stay on top of resources and budget constraints. Generate live project reports and invoice at any point for billable and worked hours. 

Who can make the most of the ClickUp sync integration?

  • Companies that bill by the hour
  • Digital agencies, consultants, accountants
  • Remote teams
  • Project management consultants
  • Project delivery managers, Operations managers, and project managers

For best results and to get the full benefit of this integration we’d recommend that you be on the “Business” ClickUp plan.

All projects created, deleted or archived in ClickUp will be synced to Timely, alongside with tasks and their assigned users.
API used
ClickUp API


A user who is admin in ClickUp and in Timely can connect the two accounts and map the entities for the entire team



  • Sync one or as many Clickup workspaces with one Timely workspace
  • The entities can be mapped with one another according to your individual structure:

    - Timely side: Clients, Projects
    - ClickUp side: Spaces, Folders, Lists
  • Import users from ClickUp to Timely
  • For those in Timely with the Tasks add-on you can import ClickUp Tasks right into Timely. Activities that are then logged to those Tasks will stay in sync between the two platforms.
  • Import Tags from ClickUp to Timely
Premium, Unlimited, Unlimited+