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However you look at it, work makes up a huge part of your existence. With that time, you have a huge opportunity — to develop personally, to elevate your society, to contribute something bigger than yourself. It is your individual space to do something that matters.

So why does so much of our work feel so meaningless?
The team

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What we offer

Stock options
Everyone should take part in the success we're building together, so we offer all employees stock options in addition to their salary.
Work remote (or from Oslo)
You know where you're most productive. Work from our HQ in Oslo, or anywhere else in the world. We just want your best.
Skilled employees
We don't just hire anyone; we hire the best people we can find. Work with motivated, brilliant minds from all backgrounds.
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Direct influence
We value ideas over titles, and you are very much encouraged to directly influence where this company goes on any matter and on what we build.
Memory - Jobs
Flexible hours
We hire great people to do great work on their own terms. Create a schedule that fits your productive style and wider commitments.
First principles
We don't see things like everyone else and we don't accept the starting point most take for granted.