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Track time spent on collaborating with others.

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Why tracking time spent on Basecamp matters

Basecamp is an amazing tool for teams to collaborate, share knowledge and work on projects. With asynchronous collaboration tools measuring productivity across projects and teams there has never been an easier time for knowledge workers.

However, as tools enter your tech stack you need to know that they’re enhancing work days rather than diminishing team energy. Without accurately tracking your teams productivity and time spent in platforms it’s all guesswork.

Further, if you’re delivering client projects and spending time delivering value-add services you want to know where your time goes so you can bill accurately.

Can Basecamp Track Time?


What it can do is track planned project time, and allocate estimated time to complete tasks. What this doesn’t give you is an accurate record of the work you and your team has completed on projects, nor does it give you the ability to report and bill based on this information.

Once you’ve installed the memory app on your computer, all you have to do is add the Basecamp integration to your Timely workspace, and all of your project and task detail will be available to assign to projects in the Timely interface. 

What you can track with the Basecamp integration

Time spent on Basecamp projects and documents will appear on your private Memory timeline inside Timely throughout the day. Each Basecamp activity — or “memory” — will detail your contributions, as well as the time spent making them. 

Improve project management time 

Combined with Trello, Todoist, and Microsoft Teams, the Basecamp integration builds a clear picture of active time spent planning and collaborating projects. Use it to improve operations, delivery times, and to estimate your projects more accurately.

This integration is used to track the time spent on Basecamp by tracking events like completed ToDos, comments and messages on your timeline in Timely, but does not sync boards with Timely – for example, if you create a board in Basecamp, it will not be created in Timely as well.
API used
Basecamp API


Anyone with a Basecamp account can connect it to Timely.

  • Completed ToDos
  • Submitted comments
  • Added messages
  • Answered questions

appear in your timeline with their title and time of the action

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