Automate time tracking

No team should have to waste time and effort on essential admin. That's why we built Timely to automate company time tracking. Bill clients accurately and free everyone for the work that matters.

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Bill accurately

Bill accurately

Timely automatically records the time employees spend in different work apps and drafts accurate timesheets for them. Remove guesstimation and manual error from company reporting and bill honestly for all client work.

Work naturally

No timers, no notes, no interruptions – Timely solves the disruption of manual time tracking by capturing work activity automatically in the background. Everyone can stay fully present in their work and log time when it actually suits.


Protect team trust

Timely is a time tracking tool teams actually trust. All tracked work activity stays completely private to each individual user, and they control what information to share. We will never support creepy screenshots, keystroke monitoring or any other surveillance tactics.

100% creep-proof

Timely doesn't support employee screenshots, keystroke monitoring, or any other creepy surveillance tactics—and it never will.
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Tracking everyone can trust

Protect team privacy

Get the complete picture of your work day with zero effort.

Work anywhere

Monitor budgets, hours and activities in real time.

Connect your stack

Get a complete overview of your team’s time and performance.

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