Time tracking for tech teams in SaaS

Increase utilization rates and enhance people operations within your SaaS business with Timely’s AI powered automatic time tracking

Delete manual timers from your SaaS business and ensure every minute spent delivering work is captured and accounted for.

Take control of your time-data and benefit from the insights into your resource allocation and people operations - drive growth and productivity through the roof!

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Cut costs & boost efficiency with Timely

Automating time tracking with Timely is more than just saving time on administrative tasks. It translates into real cost savings by providing precise data on where your team's efforts are going.

Scale smarter with Timely

Scaling a SaaS business requires more than just growth; it demands smart scaling strategies that ensure sustainability and efficiency. Timely plays a crucial role in this process by providing the tools needed to manage scaling efforts effectively.

Supercharge remote teams with Timely

The rise of remote work has transformed the SaaS industry, presenting new challenges and opportunities for team management. Timely is at the forefront of this, offering solutions that supercharge remote teams by enhancing productivity, collaboration, and accountability.

Ensure compliance and security with Timely

All user data is housed in ISO 27001 compliant AWS data centers, giving you the confidence your data is safe in the cloud and enabling you to focus on the insights and data to drive your business forward.

Time leakage calculator!

How much time are you losing in your teams each week?

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*Assuming 80% utilization rate and 1 in 5 logged hours being lost to inaccurate manual time tracking.

Example: 40 hours total per week. Utilization at 80% takes potential logged hours down to 32 hours per week. With 1 in 5 logged hours being lost to inaccurate tracking this means you will lose over 6 hours per week. At $80 per hour logged, that’s a $512 loss you could have easily accounted for with Timely.

Learn how Timely can help your SaaS business

Don’t settle for inaccurate manual timers and guesstimated timesheets. Timely’s suite of features are designed to enhance your company’s operations and provide accurate time-data so you can strategically grow.

With our creep-proof promise and intuitive UI, we’re the only time tracker teams actually like using for their timesheets – a big win when it comes to adoption rates in your SaaS business!

Slash Operational costs with Timely insights

Make better business decisions with Timely

Keep your SaaS Agile

Free up time for innovation

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"Timely's automatic functionality leaves manual time tracking tools far behind... tracking time accurately while protecting individual user privacy."

Praveen Dalal

G2 review

Timely is easy to use! The AI makes it even easier. I can track an 8 hour day in under 10 minutes (dependent on the complexity of the day). Timely integrates well with Zoom, Google, and Asana. We used to manually time track with excel sheets, but now it makes it very effecient for our team and didn't take long to get the system implemented for everyeone.

Users Love us! G2
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"Our time tracking compliance is almost 100% with Timely. It's directly improved employee happiness too."

Vicky Weber

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"It enables us to generate project reports effortlessly by pulling information from the entire team with just one click"

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"If we look over Q1, Q2 of this year, we have logged over 200,000 hours [...] Timely has always been there, the team at Timely is incredible"

Ivan R.


G2 badge Leader Spring 2024
G2 review

"I love how easy it is to know what I've done in the last month."

Ready to revolutionize your time tracking experience?

Enhance your SaaS company's operations — book a meeting now and elevate productivity with Timely!

  • Automated Tracking: Timely seamlessly records time spent in web and desktop apps, eliminating the need for manual input.
  • Detailed Insights: Break down your tracked time by client and project, providing a comprehensive overview for better decision-making.
  • Client Collaboration: Share precise data with clients, fostering transparency and trust in your professional relationship.

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Ready to maximize your revenue and streamline your time tracking?

Book a meeting now and elevate your team's productivity with Timely.

  • Client and Project Breakdown: Easily categorize your tracked time by client and project for clear invoicing.
  • Billable Time Insights: Know exactly how much of your time is billable to maximize your earnings.
  • Transparent Earnings Overview: Track and view your earnings effortlessly, ensuring nothing goes unnoticed.