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Sync projects and tasks with Timely to reduce project management time

Sync projects with 

It’s easy to manage projects and in But it’s not as easy for project managers to replicate the same work in other tools. You’ll have to do it repeatedly and create huge project maintenance and admin overhead. It’s inefficient. 

To reduce the time spent on updating the same projects across all of your tools, we’ve developed a one-way sync integration between Timely workspaces and your account.

How do I sync with  

It’s easy. Timely and are the perfect pair. Go to the integration in Timely and allow to connect to your Timely workspace. 

You need to be an admin to set up a sync integration because in Timely it’s either the admin or the manager who stays on top of projects. Also, the project sync integration is only available on Premium and Unlimited plans, but you can track the time spent on with a Starter plan and update projects manually.

This sync integration creates a one-way flow of information between and Timely. Whenever you create a project in, it will be replicated in Timely, at your default cost rate. 

The same users associated with a project in will be granted project access in Timely. If you have a paying Tasks subscription, all tasks in will also be synced with Timely Tasks. However, you’ll only be able to track work capacity against tasks in Timely. And lastly, tags can be synced as well; however, as does not support tag lists, Timely will replicate only individual tags in your workspace.

Can I track time in does not have time tracking capabilities, but you can choose another app like Timely that integrates with

Timely can track the time spent in and sync your projects, collaborators, and tasks. 

What are the benefits of syncing with

Connect project management with project delivery

A project manager’s toolkit must include communication, planning, budgeting, resource and client management, and time tracking. However, none of these capabilities are connected to one place. Budgets and resource management sit in spreadsheets, planning happens in, and client management – in Zoom or email.  

It’s overwhelming. Imagine switching tools and updating your entries on each system for five projects at a time. Plus, the risk of errors increases. If the client is only paying for 100 hours of work this month instead of 150, your deliverables must change, and so should your projects. But, you might forget to update it right away, and within a few days, the team has already used up 50% of your old budget. How do you fix it?

You don’t. You just need a better way of connecting project management with project delivery. The integration for Timely does it for you in an instant. 

Upgrade your project operations

When your project management tools don’t communicate with one another, someone has to do it. That’s why project managers fill in the gap by over-communicating every change – like new projects being archived, so teams stop logging time against them. Yet, despite ongoing efforts to keep everyone on track, work pressure or habits alone get in the way. 

What if you could automate the operational aspect of preventing teams from logging time for projects that have been completed, deleted, or changed? The integration does just that. When you archive projects in, the same projects are archived in Timely. This prevents timesheets from being created and employees from making retrospective changes to their time logs. 

Optimize how you deliver projects 

Project managing deliverables differs from managing costs, budgets, and team capacity. You can’t do everything in, but you can do it with Timely’s integration for 

Just like Asana and, is built for project management - it helps you plan, brief, and assign deliverables. Timely adds the project control dimension - by helping you stay on top of time, people resources, and cost constraints. You can generate live project reports for clients and stakeholders, and you can invoice at any point for billable and worked hours. 

A complete automation loop is formed, freeing up the time you would have otherwise spent on admin and systems management. 

Optimizing how you manage and control the delivery of projects has a direct impact on your efficiency as a team. In the long run, you can build better project operations that keep clients satisfied and costs low, despite the economic downturn faced by companies globally.

Who can make the most of the two Asana time tracking and sync integrations?

  • Companies that bill by the hour
  • Digital agencies, consultants, accountants
  • Remote teams
  • Project management consultants
  • Project delivery managers, Operations managers, project management managers
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