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Sync projects and tasks with Timely to reduce project management time

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Sync projects with 

Tracking time on projects just got smarter. The new Timely + integration gives you the ability to sync work from to Timely. 

This new integration built by Timely automatically imports your work from, so you can easily adapt to your clients’ ever changing needs without losing track of project profitability.

How do I sync with  

It’s so easy. Admins can visit the ecosystem tab in Timely, select the integration and follow the guided steps to connect and map your project entities to your Timely workspace. 

This project sync integration is available on Premium and Unlimited plans. Workspaces on a Starter plan will continue to be able to automatically track time spent in - and can update projects manually.

This sync integration creates a one-way flow of information from to Timely. Whenever you create a project in, it will be replicated in Timely, at your default cost rate. 

Existing users associated with a project in will be granted project access in Timely. With the Timely Tasks add-on activated, all tasks in will be synced with Timely Tasks so you can track work capacity against tasks in Timely. Tags can also be synced to individual tags in your workspace.

Can I track time in

The short answer is no. And that’s exactly why we’ve built this new integration - so teams can enjoy the benefits of automatically tracking time spent on projects that have already been set up in This one-way integration lets you sync your projects, collaborators, and tasks.

What are the benefits of syncing with

Switching between tools for different jobs and updating info for multiple projects at once can easily lead to mistakes. For instance, if a client procures 100 hours of work this month instead of 150 and you’re too busy to update everywhere right away -  in a few days, half your budget could be used up.

You really need a better way to link how you manage projects with how you work. That's where and Timely help. Now you can track time on projects in Timely without duplicating work - ensuring precise profitability tracking without the effort.

Who can make the most of the integration?

  • Companies that bill by the hour
  • Digital agencies, consultants, accountants
  • Remote teams
  • Project management consultants
  • Project delivery managers, operations managers, project management managers
API used API


A user who is admin in and in Timely can connect the two accounts and map the entities for the entire team



  • Sync one workspace with one Timely workspace
  • Automatically sync the following activities FROM your instance TO your Timely workspace and map according to your individual structure:

- Timely side: Clients, Projects

- side: Groups, Boards

  • Import users from to Timely
  • For those in Timely with the Tasks add-on you can import Tasks right into Timely. This is a one way sync and time logged to Tasks in Timely will only appear in Timely.
  • Import Tags from to Timely
Premium, Unlimited, Unlimited+