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Memory app. Captures the time you spend in every web and desktop app in the background.

Download the Memory app to automate time tracking

The Memory app is the automatic heart powering Timely. It captures the time you spend in every web and desktop app in the background, so you don't have to remember what you worked on. No timers, note-taking or manual input required — you can even schedule when you want it to turn “on” and “off”. Download it once and Timely will capture every tool you ever use on your computer.

See everything you work on each day

Tracked work activities — or “memories” — are recorded to your private Memory Inbox inside Timely, which you can format as a timeline or list. This provides a flawless record of your work day, detailing the precise time you spend in specific documents, meetings, emails, websites, video calls and even GPS locations. Your Memory Inbox is completely private to you; no colleague or boss can ever see your private memories.

Log accurate timesheets in seconds

The Memory app reduces timesheet admin to a matter of seconds: simply drag and drop memories to your timesheet to a create a time entry. Alternatively, get Timely’s AI to draft entries for you and review them when it suits your schedule. Aside from minimizing effort, using Memory to log your hours dramatically improves timesheet accuracy, ensuring you actually bill for all your work. Nothing is logged publicly without your final approval.

We protect everyone’s right to privacy

Data collected by the Memory app is completely private to you. Nobody is able to take creepy screenshots, track your keyboard activity, or use surveillance tactics to see your memories. Your boss and colleagues can only see the hours you actively log to your public timesheet.

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