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Bringing transparency and efficiency to your project management experience. Here, you'll find a comprehensive overview of your projects, giving you a complete picture of their progress and status.

User interface displaying logged hours and financial summary for the Branding project of a project management tool.
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Team Members and Roles

Stay on top of your projects with real-time updates, allowing you to monitor progress and make necessary adjustments as you go. Collaborate seamlessly with your team, assigning tasks and tracking their contributions, all in one place.

Interface displaying a list of teams within an organization, including the Admin Team, Business Development Team, Contractors, Design Team, and others, with options to edit each team.

From senior leaders to execs; project managers to developers, each member of your team is important in delivering your overall projects.

Managing and maintaining team capacity and assigning tasks has never been easier.

When you add a user to your workspace, you can assign them a pre-existing role in your organisation, meaning they get access to the projects and tags suitable for their level. They’ll also receive an automated onboarding designed to get them up to speed as quickly as possible.

With lightning fast onboarding and a super simple interface, you and your team will be automatically tracking time effortlessly.

Invitation form for a new user with basic information fields filled for 'Alice', her email address, and an external ID set as 'Timely Manager', with her access level designated as 'Manager' and the cost rate visibility hidden.
User setup interface indicating 'Employee' access level with the option to hide cost rate selected, and the capacity set at 37.5 hours per week with working days from Monday to Friday.

Once they’re in the system, you’ll also be able to allocate a time budget available to them, so their planned activity can be assigned against projects and tasks to allow for easy time planning.

With Timely’s roles feature this can be done in under 10 seconds, pre-populated from your defaults.

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Proactive project estimations and budget control
“By capturing every hour that goes into each project, we can follow project budget spend to proactively manage the return of our work… [and] calculate better base hourly rates for future projects.”

Oskari Leino

Director of Business Control & Operations

Corsearch image - Man on the top of a mountain
Corsearch keeps OpEx low and makes better staffing decisions with Timely
"Reports help us make decisions on a weekly basis about team capacity and hires. Now we manage our costs better, to the point where we actually use the time that we have as a company to create value for clients."

Ivan Rainovski

Delivery Director at Corsearch

Walpole office space
Walpole reduced sunk time and labour costs on unrewarding contracts
"In the past, we never had 'lessons learned' after-the-fact. There was no transparency over effort put in. A project could have been costing the business more than it was making.”

Stuart Wymant

Customer Success Manager

Affinis -  Office space
More time for client work.
"Timely has taken the time tracking workload from our consultants and freed their time for more important work.

Before Timely, it took me two hours a week to track my time across all tasks, clients and projects. I had to create another time entry for tracking the time, which was totally inefficient.”

Christopher Schwarz


Create office space
Create gets a handle on budgets and business costs after creating accurate worked time reports in Timely
We’ve now just started to properly use the time budgeting, especially on large projects, so now it’s mostly running reports. We go in to run a time report on each member of staff, how long they’ve used it to create a project”

Sophie Warner

Director of Operations

A photo of yummygum offices
Yummygum gains insights into competitive pricing and services
"We can estimate our performance against competitors to offer competitive pricing that we know is profitable."

Vince Schwidder

Founder and UX Director

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Time Tracking and Billing Information

Stay on top of your projects with real-time updates, allowing you to monitor progress and make necessary adjustments as you go. Collaborate seamlessly with your team, assigning tasks and tracking their contributions, all in one place.

Cost Rates and Billable Hours: A Transparent Overview

Time is money, and we understand the importance of tracking it accurately. You'll be able to see a comprehensive breakdown of logged time, cost rates, and billable hours associated with your project.

It's your one-stop destination for understanding the financial aspect of your project's progress.

Project management dashboard displaying an array of recent and pinned projects with details such as project names, associated clients, remaining budget or time.
Streamlined Time Allocation: Maximize Team Efficiency
Dashboard overview showing 298 hours and 24 minutes logged with $31,083.67 earned, 62.17% of the budget spent, and a graph comparing planned versus actual hours worked.

With our intuitive time tracking system, you'll have a clear understanding of how time is allocated across different tasks and team members.

Plus, our transparent billing information ensures that you're always aware of the financial impact of your project.

Timely: The Key to Hassle-Free Time Tracking and Billing

Rest assured, we've got the tools and features to streamline your billing process, making it easier than ever to manage costs and track billable hours.

With Timely, you'll have a crystal-clear understanding of the financial aspects of your project, enabling you to make informed decisions and keep your project on budget.

Bar chart and table in a project management tool displaying monthly budget history, showing hours spent against an 80-hour budget for each month, with percentages of budget spent, logged hours, remaining hours, and total hours.
Effortlessly track your time and boost your efficiency with Timely!
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Accurately billing
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Project profitability
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Strict anti-surveillance policy
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