Automatic time tracking
for remote workers

Timely’s intuitive automation and enjoyable design make it a favorite among remote teams. Keep all work visible, bill clients transparently, and effortlessly manage productivity in the virtual workplace with automatic time tracking for remote employees.

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Automatic time tracking for remote workers

Accurate, easy, enjoyable time tracking

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No more start/stop timers

Timely tracks everything you work on automatically in the background as you move between tasks, so your team can work naturally and focus on their work.

Save hours on timesheets

Keep progress visible

Timely’s task management capabilities let you build, allocate, action and track project workflows all from one place. See exactly where people are at with specific pieces of work.


Minimize timesheet admin

Log accurate weekly timesheets in less than ten minutes. Timely’s simple UI and automatic time tracking have helped other teams reduce timesheet admin by 75%.


Capture every billable second

By objectively recording all the time you spend on every file, presentation, meeting and email, Timely lets you report and invoice accurately.


Manage energy, resources and budgets

Real-time dashboards, live reports and powerful planning keep teams on top of capacity, deadlines, overtime, billable percentage, budget spend, time on clients and more.

Bill accurately

Empower your people

Timely’s gorgeous design, intuitive controls and privacy-first approach make it a time tracking tool that people actually want to use.


Onboard teams painlessly

It takes under ten minutes to get people up and running in Timely, with world-class customer support only a chat message away.

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“Timely has helped us bridge the visibility gap created by remote working. No other time tracking app offered such accuracy or simplicity.”

See how Timely’s automation helps the City of Boston accurately report on all youth development time for objective payroll and grant auditing while working remotely.

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Get the full picture of remote employee time

Automatically capture all your work as you jump between projects

Map out team tasks and detailed project plans

Uncover “hidden” billable hours spent on travel, emails and meetings

Keep remote team hours, capacity, overtime and workloads visible

Build accountability and transparency with detailed live client reports

Stay on top of project budgets, profitability and multiple rates

Optimize estimates and deadlines using complete project time data

Monitor your personal productivity and see where time actually goes

Connect your stack

Timely’s native integrations and open APIs let you easily connect data across your existing digital toolkit. Enjoy modern, automatic time tracking without changing the workflows you’ve spent years perfecting.

Trusted by over 5,000 customers worldwide

“Timely has best interface and is the cleverest across platforms of all the time tracking tools I’ve found. It helps me track projects and work hours remotely for my employer, but also for my own time management.”
— Cara
“I manage a T&M team. Getting people to log their time diligently, daily, and descriptively is a constant challenge. COVID has put a strain on our hours, so every minute counts. Having an automated way to track time helps everyone get their work done and minimize the annoyance of time tracking.”
— Nick, team manager
“Timely helps me plan and manage my time, and stop kidding myself that I'm being productive when I'm just being busy. It's a great tool for colleagues new to WFH during the pandemic, helping them stay focused and on track alongside their team!”
— Cath, designer
“Timely helps me be more productive and avoid computer distraction while working remotely. I can easily track time on the tasks my team and I are working on, and evaluate how productive we are. It even reminds me to log time for a break away from the computer so no hours get lost. I love seeing where my time went on a timeline.”
—Sandro, developer
“I work from home around my children’s schedules, so I’m often back and forth between work and personal life—lots of billable time slips my mind. I realized I wanted something more automatic than Toggl that could track what I'm doing without so much manual input. I love that Timely remembers for me; it puts your mind at ease knowing that your billable activities are being tracked automatically.”
Laurie, 3D Games and XR Artist
“I work from home and wanted an automatic way to track my hours—specifically, something that tracks how many hours a day I spend in meetings and doing other work-related tasks. I want to make sure I don’t go over or under my 8-hr work day. Timely makes it really easy to keep to my hours and see what I do during the work day.”
— Gordon, customer success
“I was looking for the best way to approach remote work to make clients that never see me in person comfortable. I wanted a tool that could both tell me how I'm spending my time as well as create editable task logs for my clients. Being able to produce detailed receipts for clients from the workflow I have was crucial, and Timely’s ease of use and functionality made it the perfect fit.”
— Donald, software engineer
I work from home and I need to send a daily report of what I have worked on and for how many hours to my manager. Timely’s automation helps me be as precise as possible and saves me the work of tracking my own hours. I really like to see where my time goes and how long I actually use on tasks.
— Anja, content creator
“My team is virtual and working on many projects. As we grow, we need to better understand capacity and the time it takes to complete certain tasks so we bill clients appropriately. Paper record-keeping is tedious. Timely’s slick, intelligent platform helps us easily keep track of where time goes.”
— Michele, business owner
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