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Timely and Asana: a dream for project management. 

Timely and Asana: a dream for project management. 

If you’re like us at Timely, you’ll love using Asana to help juggle the multiple tasks across teams and departments. 

Timely's integration with Asana is a game-changer, offering a seamless solution for tracking time, improving project estimations, and enhancing overall profitability.

Time tracking for Asana

Here's what you can achieve with the Asana integration:

Track time spent in Asana

Track time spent in Asana projects and tasks automatically. Know exactly when you finished tasks. 

Here's what you can achieve with the Asana integration:

  • Track time spent on Asana projects and tasks.
  • Estimate project durations or accurately bill clients based on time tracked.
  • Access time tracking features on all Timely plans.

For project managers spending significant time on project management tools, optimizing these processes is crucial for effective project delivery.

Streamlining project setup

The Asana sync integration makes things easy between Asana and Timely by replicating project changes, like creations, deletions, and updates, ensuring both platforms stay in sync. Users associated with an Asana project get automatic access to the same project in Timely, making collaboration a breeze. Plus, tasks sync smoothly between Asana and Timely Tasks, making it a breeze to track work capacity and improve overall workflow efficiency.

No disruptions to your workflow

Keep working on the things you’ve been hired to do and in the tools you already use, and let Timely capture it all in the background - as if by magic! 

By reducing the time spent on repetitive project setup tasks and copying data, the sync integration enhances efficiency and ensures that your Timely workspace remains synchronized with Asana.

Easy project estimations

The real power of the Timely and Asana integration? It’s the power of gaining insight into your workday like never before, so you can achieve better business outcomes. Project managers can see how long tasks take to finish, facilitating more accurate project estimations and efficient planning. Keep your team in sync and collaborative!

Timely vs Asana Native:

Asana's built-in time tracking feature can be clunky and lacks advanced functionalities. That’s because it's occupied being the benchmark for project management tools! 

Timely steps in to bridge this gap, offering a more intelligent and automated solution. Here are just a few of the reasons Timely enhances Asana:

More Accurate Time Tracking

If you’re using a timer, like in Asana, it’s never going to be accurate. People forget, and it’s time consuming and distracting. 

Once you’ve got accurate time tracking data, you have access to your blueprint for project timeline estimations! Kick Scope Creep out the door. It’s up to you, do you want the best form of data to make your business decisions?

Better Informed Project Delivery

Asana focuses on project management, while Timely adds the project control dimension, helping you stay on top of time, resources, and cost constraints. Together, they form a powerful duo for project delivery.

Better data, enhanced profitability

Better data leads to improved operational efficiency, allowing businesses to forecast capacity accurately, manage billable vs. non-billable work, and increase overall profitability. Find where people are spending too much time on certain tasks and software. Redistribute workload, find alternatives and maximize profitability.

Better reporting facilities

With Timely, you can review budget progress across all your projects at once from one powerful dashboard. This is even more powerful with your projects from Asana! Easily monitor client time usage and remaining project budgets without the hassle of searching for information. We'll even send you budget notifications to make sure you know exactly where your projects are headed at all times!

How to get started:

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Log into Timely
  2. Navigate to the Settings section by clicking the plug icon to the bottom left-hand side.
  3. Click the Ecosystem tab.
  4. Click the Asana icon.
  5. Click the "Install Timely for Asana" button to get started.

Who can benefit?


In short, the Timely and Asana Integration:

  • Lets you see all the tasks you complete for an Asana project
  • Lets you see what time you completed the task
  • If you mark several tasks as 'complete' within 10 minutes, they'll be listed within one Asana memory.

All these help you optimize workflows, and ensure projects are delivered on time and within budget. And we think that’s pretty great!

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