Automatic time tracking
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Timely’s intuitive and enjoyable design make it a favorite among creatives. Increase agency efficiency, improve project profitability and spend more time on the work that matters with automatic time tracking for agencies.

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Automatic time tracking for agencies

Accurate, easy, insight-rich time tracking

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No more start/stop timers

Timely tracks everything you work on automatically in the background as you move between clients and tasks, so your team can work naturally and focus on their work.

Save hours on timesheets

Keep progress visible

Timely’s task management capabilities let you build, allocate, action and track project workflows all from one place. See exactly where people are at with specific pieces of work.


Minimize timesheet admin

Log accurate weekly timesheets in less than ten minutes. Timely’s simple UI and automatic time tracking have helped other teams reduce timesheet admin by 75%.

Bill accurately

Capture every billable second

By objectively recording all the time you spend on every document, presentation, meeting and email, Timely lets you report and invoice accurately.

Bill accurately

Manage energy, resources and budgets

Real-time dashboards, live reports and powerful planning keep teams on top of capacity, deadlines, billable percentage, budget spend, time on clients and more.


Empower your people

Timely’s gorgeous design, intuitive controls and privacy-first approach make it a time tracking tool that people actually want to use.


Onboard teams painlessly

It takes under ten minutes to get people up and running in Timely, with world-class customer support only a chat message away.

Easy Onboarding

“Ease and enjoyment of use really separated Timely from other time tracking tools. It’s just so easy to log hours.”

See how creative agency group Hasan & Partners leverages Timely’s automation to boost time tracking accuracy and compliance.

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100% creep-proof

Timely doesn't support employee screenshots, keystroke monitoring, or any other creepy surveillance tactics—and it never will.
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Get the full picture of agency time

Automatically capture all billable time—even “hidden” hours on travel, emails and meetings.

Map out team tasks and detailed project plans

Stay on top of project profitability and multiple client rates.

Build accountability and transparency with detailed live client reports.

Keep employee work hours, capacity and workloads visible.

Monitor utilization and see where time actually goes.

Improve future work estimates and fees using complete project time data

Connect your stack

Timely’s native integrations and open APIs let you easily connect data across your existing digital toolkit. Enjoy modern, automatic time tracking without changing the workflows you’ve spent years perfecting.

Trusted by over 5,000 customers worldwide

“I can literally see how I spent every minute of the day and on what. I wish I had a Timely for the analogue parts of my day too!”
— Heidi, marketing agency
“Timely is brilliant! Game changing, AI-driven app for gaining strategic insight into time management and scaling opportunities on the business side.”
— Maria, digital agency
“I can better organize my team’s work, seeing exactly where we are effective (and profitable) and where we have to find a better workflow.”
— Piotr, PR agency
“We use Timely to get deep insights on where our team is spending for each client project. It helps us identify potential time sucks, billing misses or billing overages—all of which help to keep the client first.”
– Nathan, film production agency
“For the first time ever, I logged as many billable hours as one of our highest producers at the agency. This tool paid for itself in a single day.”
— Erika, marketing agency
“It’s a game changer. By tracking everything we work on automatically, we don’t have to think about time tracking any more—we can just focus 100% on our work.”
— Vince, web design agency
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