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Track time on calls, webinars, and internal meetings.

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Time Tracking for Zoom 

When your teams are using Zoom to align on projects, the time spent on calls negatively impacts their productivity. However, if Zoom calls are with customers and prospects, the more you track the time spent on each conversation, the better you get at optimizing sales outreach or support time. 

In this article you’ll discover how to track time for calls and meetings with the Timely integration for Zoom. You’ll learn how the Zoom integration works and use it to reduce communication drain internally or improve your customer communication efforts. 

Can Zoom track time? 


What Zoom can do however is use A LOT of it! Whether its a team catch up or a meeting with a client, time spent on Zoom can soon add up. What’s more, just because the meeting was scheduled to run 15 minutes, it won’t stop it running over.

Having an accurate picture of exactly how much time you and your team are spending on Zoom at any given time will enable you to optimize your workdays and ensure that teams ae kept busy with value-add work, rather than stuck on another Zoom call. 

How can you track time in Zoom? 

It’s easy, just set up the Zoom integration inside your Timely workspace, and your call time is tracked automatically. Only users who are admins in Zoom and Timely can set up the Zoom integration with Timely, to track call time for all employees using the same Zoom account or for oneself. Once set up, call duration and details will appear on people’s  timelines. Employees can drag them onto timesheets to report on time spent on client calls as part of day-to-day work or as part of project updates and briefs. 

What are the benefits of using the Zoom integration for 

Improve productivity by reducing communication drain

The cost of unproductive meetings time is estimated at $1,000,000 per year in large organizations. In smaller agencies, where teams work on multiple projects that require frequent updates, the average time spent on calls is around 31 hours per week. Give example of unproductive meetings

Combined with the email and calendar integrations, this Zoom integration will help you understand your communication drain and reduce it. 

Keep customer support and sales teams accountable 

If you’re looking to improve the performance of client-facing teams, you can report on the time spent on critical calls – such as onboarding programs, business reviews, or regular customer check-ins – to understand which communications keep clients happy for longer.

If you want to improve the productivity of your sales teams, you can use the Zoom integration to help them visualize their time spent on sales calls or set call duration quotas.

  • Estimate the cost of customer support /sales rep and a benchmark ROI

Billing clients accurately

Never miss a billable minute again. Whether the meeting over runs by 1 minute or 21 you’ll be able to accurately report on time spent with clients on Zoom.

And it goes both ways - Clients will love the honesty, knowing that if a meeting runs short, that’s more time for value-add work!

Assigning tracked time to projects is super simple too, with just a drag of your mouse memories can be assigned to projects and clients in a heartbeat!

Who can make the most of this Zoom integration?

  • Companies that bill by the hour
  • Digital agencies, consultants, accountants
  • Businesses with part-time or hourly workers
  • Companies with hourly customer service agents
  • Professional services
  • Advisors, Personal Concierges, Trainers & Coaches
  • Remote teams
  • Non-profits and charities
This integration is used to track the time spent on calls and to add call details to your timeline.
API used
Zoom API


A user who is admin in Zoom and in Timely can connect the two accounts for the entire team


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Meeting participants

Time you joined the meeting

Time you left the meeting

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