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Meet Tasks—step one of advanced planning

Meet Tasks—step one of advanced planning

We’re building a new breed of planning tool powered by automatic time tracking—and after months of tinkering and testing, we’re ready to release the first instalment! We’ve also made some major improvements to visuals and performance across our web and desktop apps, as well as furnishing our mobile apps with new tag controls.

Task up your life

We’re extremely excited to announce the first instalment of advanced planning powers in Timely. Tasks is your team hub for managing work, acting as a layer between projects and individual schedules. It enables you to assign, plan and track real-time progress against big deliverables. Here’s a whistle-stop tour of what you can do with it.

Schedule your to-do list

With Tasks, you can build and action a prioritized to-do list directly inside of Timely. Simply drag and drop tasks to your personal calendar to plan your schedule or log time for specific project work.

Check the status of work

Planning and logging time to a task will update your task progress bar, allowing your team to follow the status of work without interrupting you.

Master team capacity and deadlines

From the “Tasks” tab in your Projects and People pages, you can dive deeper into the detail—managing and reviewing all tasks for a specific project or person. Timely will also flag whether each task is progressing as planned or set to fall behind schedule.

Tasks is the first step towards project planning in Timely and is available as an add-on to your Timely subscription. Be a part of the journey! Send your ideas and tell us how you plan work to help us build a planning tool that truly elevates your team’s workflows.

Manage project tags on mobile

In case you’ve only tried Timely on web or desktop, know that you can also enjoy it on mobile and tablet using our iOS and Android apps—and both have received a little TLC this month. 💅

Both iOS and Android now allow you to customize tags by project, giving you fine-grained control of exactly how you want different project work to be reported across your workspace.

We’ve also cleaned up the UI for managing tags on Android—updating visuals and removing unnecessary interactions—making it much quicker to organize your workspace.

Small but mighty releases

  • Things just got a whole lot faster on mobile and web. We’ve been working behind the scenes for quite a few months now to deliver super-fast loading of projects, memories and entries, so our biggest teams can continue to wizz around Timely with ease. Add 10,000 projects and test Timely’s responses for yourself—we dare you.
  • We’ve refreshed Timely’s UI to harmonize button colors throughout and remove unnecessary interactions, which should make it clearer and easier to take the intended action inside Timely. Our main button color is now blue! (Fun fact: blue is the color seen most richly by color-blind people).
  • We’ve also spruced up the visuals of your People and Project editor pages, adding a few helpful prompts to help you explore your options.
  • You can now copy planned and logged time entries between people from the Company view with a simple drag and drop. This should save a ton of duplicated effort when logging time for people working on the same task. Provided you have the right permissions and belong to the same projects, you can copy your own entries to someone else, and copy entries between other people.
  • Timely will now let you know whenever a new update is available, allowing you to access the latest version with a simple refresh

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