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Grant Thornton: accounting firm

Wayne Pisani
Grant Thornton

Hi Wayne! Tell us a bit about Grant Thornton

Grant Thornton is one of the world’s leading organizations of independent assurance, tax and advisory firms, employing more than 56,000 people across 140 countries. I work within the Maltese branch of the firm, which combines the international reach and expertise of the global brand with the personal attention and touch of the local team.

At Grant Thornton Malta, we support a multi-disciplinary team of advisors, auditors, tax practitioners, lawyers, marketing specialists and IT experts – offering assurance, tax, advisory, finance, corporate, secretarial and administrative services. Our clients are equally diverse, ranging from public companies, multinationals and government agencies to entrepreneurial businesses across a broad spectrum of industries.

Why is time tracking important to your firm and why did you choose Timely for the job?

Being a professional services organization, time is the inventory of our professional and support services team. Accordingly, it is crucial for our firm to accurately keep track of the way time is expended.

We have gone through multiple time tracking solutions in search for something that would intuitively remind employees to log time and propose draft time entries for them. Effectively, we were looking for a tool that could minimize time tracking admin, if possible by completely removing the need to recall every detail of the working day. Crucially, that time tracking solution needed to provide clear and easy data reporting.

Timely addressed these goals quite exhaustively, and the support team was also great at accommodating our requests and fine tuning the tool to our data capture requirements.

Which teams use Timely at Grant Thornton Malta?

Currently, 100 of our employees across our Tax and Regulatory department, Legal and Finance teams, and IT team use Timely to track their hours and pull accurate reports for invoicing. Timely is integrated into our Office 365 services, allowing each employee to automatically track the time they spend on different activities without taking any notes or needing to remember work after the fact.

100 employees across three teams! What are the biggest benefits have they noticed?

In a word: efficiency. The process automation and ease with which jobs and ancillary description are captured and posted to projects – as well as the self-learning features of Timely’s AI – are helping our organization transform time tracking from a chore to a simple review process: Timely tracks time; employees verify and validate the data.

This interaction has made the whole time tracking process extremely fast, and as a system Timely has exceeded my expectations in this respect. It’s also very user friendly, even managing to leave a good impression on employees who don’t get on with time tracking.

What features do your teams find most useful for their work?

Most obviously, Timely’s automatic time tracking capabilities. Timely allows employees to review all the time they spend on different daily activities via a private timeline, which can be formatted as a list or calendar.

This, coupled with Timely’s AI draft entries, allows users to log time more efficiently and be less bogged with admin overhead.

The People and Project dashboards, as well as the reporting options, provide management with Timely data at one’s fingertips.

How would you describe Timely to other accounting firms?

A self-financing, timely investment.

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