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The world's best
AI-powered automatic time tracker

Timely automates company time tracking, so you and your team can focus on the work that matters.

Trusted by tens of thousands of users, in some of the biggest companies

We assist global businesses in automating time tracking, team communication, and precise work reporting

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Increase your
team's profitability

Welcome to Timely, the future of time tracking. We're not just another time tracking tool. We're a solution designed to transform the way you work, powered by cutting-edge AI technology.

Our mission is to help you capture everything you work on, ensuring you bill more hours and increase your business's profitability by up to 30%.

Track time

Get the complete picture of your work day with zero effort

Track projects

Monitor budgets, hours and activities in real time

Track teams

Get a complete overview of your team’s time

Track plans

Real-time feedback loop of how plans actually unfold

3 reasons why Timely is the best Time Tracking solution for your business.

Timely beautiful user interface

The power of
AI in time tracking

It's time tracking, but not as you know it. It's smarter, faster, and designed to work for you.

Maximize your billable time

Our tool ensures that every minute of your work is captured, so you can bill your clients accurately and free your team for the work that truly matters.

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Unlike some time tracking tools, Timely has a strict anti-surveillance policy. We don’t support employee screenshots, keystroke monitoring, or any other spying tactics—and we never will.

Your data is yours alone, and nothing goes public without your active involvement.

Join the thousands who trust
Timely for their daily productivity

Accurately billing
Project profitability
Strict anti-surveillance policy