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What’s new: Guard productivity and profits with Locked Time

What’s new: Guard productivity and profits with Locked Time

Timely’s latest feature release, Locked time, safeguards your team’s timesheets from accidental changes or unwelcome modifications. Locked time is a highly upvoted feature request that ensures that time entries across days, weeks and months remain reliable and trustworthy, providing you with the peace of mind you need to focus on your job.

How it works

Setting permissions and utilizing Locked time is a breeze:

Set permissions: Decide who can lock and unlock time by assigning permissions in your Workspace Settings. Whether you want only managers to unlock time or establish a different workflow, it's all at your fingertips.

Lock/unlock with ease: Navigate to your workspace Hours page and select the desired day, week, or month. With just a few clicks, you can lock or unlock time entries, ensuring complete control and accuracy.

Scenarios where Locked Time saves the day

Payroll peace of mind: Imagine it's payroll week, and you're gliding through your records, feeling confident that every minute is exactly where it should be. With Locked time, trust that your time tracking data is accurate!

Billing brilliance: Your team just wrapped up a project, and it's time to send out those invoices. With Locked time, every bill reflects the true value of your team's hard work – not a lost hour in sight!

Profitability Power: When billing is based on a fixed cost rather than hourly rates, Locked time helps in understanding actual hours worked and enhances profitability analysis. It enables precise attribution of time to specific projects, facilitating accurate revenue recognition for these projects. When it comes to analyzing project profitability, Locked time ensures your data is precise and reliable. Ah, so dreamy! 

What happens when a day, week or month is locked?

We all know time is precious, so once Time is locked, it's like putting time entries in a safe deposit box – secure and untouchable. Locked Time ensures your records stay 100% reliable, keeping your records trustworthy and your business booming.

Integrating Locked Time with Time Entry States

Locked time is just one piece of the puzzle. Understanding how it harmonizes with Time entry states can further streamline team time tracking.

Time entry states serve as personalized statuses, bringing clarity and structure to tasks like approving timesheets, billing client hours, and managing payroll. With custom time states, Timely aims to become a central "source of truth" for teams, facilitating smoother workflows and fostering greater accountability.

Creating, editing, and deleting custom time states is a breeze, empowering users to tailor their states to their specific needs and preferences. Users can effortlessly assign time entries to custom states, track progress, and gain valuable insights through Timely's intuitive interface.

Pairing Locked time with Time entry states makes managing timesheets significantly easier for admins and managers in Timely. With customizable entry states, you gain enhanced visibility and control over your team's timesheet submission, streamlining workflows and eliminating the hassle of manual management.

Locked time is a small tweak to time tracking that eliminates a giant headache and is available on the Unlimited and Unlimited + subscription plans in Timely. Learn more in this useful help center article: Locked Time. 

If you're considering upgrading your plan to include Time entry states and Locked time, visit your Subscription page in Timely or reach out to our friendly team at

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