Time Doctor vs Timely

An alternative to Time Doctor’s basic features and spyware

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“I’ve tried a bunch of apps, but none of them has everything I needed. Time Doctor was my best choice but lacked project management tools.“

Emiliano via Typeform

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What makes Timely the best Time Doctor alternative?

Offering automatic time tracking and advanced project reporting, Timely is quite a step up from Time Doctor’s limited manual functionality. Instead of making you plug in everything you work on, Timely captures time on every task, precise to the second. Crucially, it actually protects employee privacy and is 100% free of dystopian spying features. Here are a few reasons why Time Doctor users switch to Timely.

Timely is accurate, flexible, enjoyable time tracking.

An alternative to Time Doctor’s basic features and spyware

Feel Emiliano’s pain? You’re not alone. Hundreds of time tracking apps like Time Doctor leave people wanting more — from more ambitious features and intuitive controls, to a fundamental respect for user privacy.

In terms of timesheet accuracy, Time Doctor’s heavily manual approach simply isn’t robust enough. Constantly starting and stopping timers is an unnatural and inefficient way to track time, particularly if you regularly hop between projects or responsibilities. It’s also extremely inaccurate : even if you remember to log your hours every day, studies show that timesheets that rely on manual input are only ever 67% accurate.

While Time Doctor lets users track time against specific clients, it lacks the basic project management and reporting functionality to let them do anything with their time data beyond creating timesheets. The reporting options it does offer are geared more to spying on staff activity than improving schedules, project estimates, rates or capacity planning.

Time Doctor’s invasion of employee privacy is reason enough for many people to steer clear of the software. By proudly marketing clandestine screenshots, video screen capture and employee website activity tracking, Time Doctor is unapologetic about one of its core functions: invasive employee spyware.

In this context, Time Doctor’s integrations and free trial matter relatively little. Ultimately, a robust time tracking solution should satisfy a very basic purpose: capturing hours accurately without destroying team trust and culture.

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