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4 Ways Timely is Best

4 Ways Timely is Best

Time is money, and accuracy is paramount.

1. Timely’s Accurate

Timely acts as your diligent timekeeper, leaving no task unnoticed or forgotten. It provides a meticulous account of all your activities, ensuring that nothing slips through the cracks.

With just a few clicks, you can transform your tracked entries into fully representative time sheets (or outsource the whole Task to Timely’s AI). This is especially handy for consultants charging for blocks/units of time.

2. Timely’s easy to use

You can forget about timers completely. By tracking time for you automatically, Timely allows to get back to the work that’s actually productive. Interact with the tool as little or as much as you like – whatever works best for your workflow. Since Timely captures your activities in real-time, there's no need to interrupt your day with constant logging or waste time creating timesheets manually.

3. Timely’s private

Trust lies at the center of our software. We want our services to enable people; not cheat or spy on them. Your data belongs to you alone, and we want to keep it that way. We don’t share data with 3rd party APIs and we’re ISO 27001-certified.

4. Timely’s AI

Time tracking is time-consuming in two ways: remembering what you’ve done, and then using that information to create a timesheet. We fix both: the Memory captures your activity, and our AI creates the timesheets.

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