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Historic rates, Tasks tweaks and new awards

Historic rates, Tasks tweaks and new awards

It’s been a wild start to 2022, with a slew of new Timely awards and features. From new profitability controls and keyboard shortcuts, to slick tricks for Tasks and timesheet management, we have a lot to get through! Check out your latest Timely goodies and—as always—get in touch to share your thoughts and ideas.

Change hourly rates while preserving historical data

New year, new rates! This update is massive for those of you using Timely’s budget features, or reporting on project-level profitability in Timely. Whenever you go to set or change an hourly rate on an existing project, you can now choose whether you want to apply your change to all existing time entries on that project, or just to new ones.

Choosing "New and unbilled" lets you apply project rates retrospectively to entries that people have already logged for a historic view of profitability. Choosing "New entries only" allows you to keep adjusting rates as you see fit without screwing up historical financial records on your project.

The same logic also applies for setting a default billable rate for different people in your workspace—just indicate whether the new rate should apply only to new projects, to all projects, or to projects using the previous billable rate.

Slick new tricks for Tasks in Timely

Thank you for all the great feedback and ideas you’ve been sending in to help us take Tasks in Timely to the next level! We read and prioritize every single one, and have started by tackling the most-requested features: factoring tasks into weekly capacity and adding a task description field.

Head to the People page and you’ll see that “Assigned tasks” now appears in your weekly capacity breakdown. This figure picks up any tasks assigned to you for the week in question, and subtracts the estimated time required for those tasks from your weekly capacity—regardless of whether you’ve started logging time to them. By taking into account logged, planned and estimated time, your weekly capacity now displays a much more faithful account of your availability.

When you go to add a new task, you’ll also see that you now have the space to add a task description. While not mandatory, this option is great for tasks assigned to other people; it lets you add details, provide context and include useful links all in one place, so people don’t have to go hunting for them in different tools. Crucially, you can add as many details as you like without bogging down task titles and disrupting how tasks appear in your workspace.

Timely picks up 15 new G2 awards

Thanks to your glowing feedback and ongoing support, we’ve taken home 15 new G2 awards in the Winter 2022 report to start the year with a bang! In addition to wining the coveted “Leader” award (for the fourth quarter in a row!), Timely also took home Best Usability, Most Implementable, Best Relationship, Best ResuIts and Momentum Leader. That means 99% of users rated Timely with 4 or 5 stars, 96% felt Timely is headed in the right direction, and 97% would recommend Timely.

Overall, Timely received an 96-98% satisfaction rating for:

  • Ease of use
  • Ease of setup
  • Performance and reliability
  • Quality of support

These awards draw on several years of incredible recognition from the G2 community, and set us up nicely to try and beat our 2021 record of 57 awards. Being decided entirely by actual user feedback, ratings and reviews, winning G2 awards is always a great privilege. ❤️ We thank every one of you for putting in a good word. If you haven’t reviewed Timely yet, please take a minute to leave one now!

We’re retiring Memory support for High Sierra (macOS 10.13)

If you’re using the Memory App on a machine running High Sierra, you’ll need to update to at least 10.14 to access new Memory releases. While Memory will continue to work as usual on High Sierra, you will not be able to upgrade to the newest version of Memory. Click  About This Mac to check the macOS version you are running, and then Software Update to upgrade it.

Bite-sized Timely updates

  • Timesheet management just got speedier! Admins and Managers can now lock time entries in bulk to prevent further edits being made without impacting billing reporting. Head to the “Timesheets” tab in the Reports page or a specific project page to try it out. Once locked, entries can only be unlocked by Admins—so enjoy your new powers responsibly.

  • Zoom through your calendar in the Hours page using these new keyboard navigational shortcuts:
‘N’ and ‘P’ to go forwards (next) and backwards (previous)
‘D’ / ‘W’ / ‘M’ to toggle between day, week, and month views

💡 (Hit Shift + ? to see all keyboard shortcuts).

  • Enjoy a much slicker experience when selecting a day, week, or month time frame—with intuitive “jump to” shortcuts and way fewer clicks. It’s particularly fabulous when selecting custom date ranges for reports.

Recap our 2021 highlights

In case you missed it, we put together a colourful overview of our 2021—from the most exciting new Timely releases to an interactive breakdown of how our global community spent its time. Help us make an even more memorable 2022 by sending all your wildest ideas, feedback, questions, and thoughts to us!

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