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This Is A Big One: Introducing Memory ✨

This Is A Big One: Introducing Memory ✨

We are extremely proud to be able to show all of you what we’ve been working tirelessly on for the last few months. We think it’s a game-changing moment for us as a company and for anyone that logs hours. Not only that — this is the kind of product that will get exponentially better as time goes on. You get the point — we’re very excited!

The time tracking app to end time tracking

We’ve always talked about wanting to be the time tracking app that ends time tracking. The reason is simple; try to think about what you worked on Monday of last week and how much time you spent. The answer, of course, is impossible. It isn’t in human nature to remember these things, so we want the machines to solve it for us. Memory does exactly that.

Memory is an intelligent timeline of everything you did in a day, created automatically. It feels a bit like magic.

Install one app on your computer and we’ll figure out the rest. This is how it looks when you’ve got some data:

introducing memory 1 BODY

Everything you worked on is automatically tracked and organized in a beautiful timeline. And this isn’t just active window time for an app, this is how much time you actually spent working on something. And it can be anything;

  • Location data to see which places you been to
  • Files you worked on
  • Websites and apps used
  • Calendar events
  • E-mails, GitHub commits, tasks from project management tools, and many other cool integrations (on the way)

When you want to log hours, you simply click a memory or click-and-drag just like on a calendar. We’ll tell you how much time you’ve selected:

introducing memory 2 BODY

You can increase or lower the amount of time selected by dragging the blue line up or down. Or just update the time inside of the entry box. It’s super, super easy.

Private for you — and only you

And just to be 100% clear, no boss or other users on your account can see your data. This is an important point for us to make. You — and you alone — can see it. This is intimate and private data that you own. You are in completely control of it and that’s how we’re going to keep it. We didn’t build Memory so someone could spy on you.

We’ve worked days and nights on this and hope you like it as much as we did building it. It’s only the beginning.

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