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The Future of CPA Time Tracking: How Technology is Changing the Game

The Future of CPA Time Tracking: How Technology is Changing the Game

As an accountant, good bookkeeping is part and parcel of the job. But when you’re paid to provide the service, you don’t want to spend any billable time keeping your own house in order. It’s precisely why we developed Timely – the first time tracking tool to automatically capture all the time you spend across multiple projects and clients for you while you work.

The time tracking tool for accountants

Timely was designed to track all the time you spend on work without taking you away from it. By integrating with all your desktop apps, you can essentially map out your entire work day – from time in meetings, emails, mobile calls, GPS locations and documents, to websites and work tools. No more unreliable data, lost billable hours, or wasting time on unproductive admin – manage and bill time from one place without compromising your own productivity.

📕 An accurate account of all your time

You can’t use time more intelligently without knowing how you (mis)use it in the first place. With automatic time tracking, you get a completely accurate and dependable record of your business time. Every detail is captured – from overrunning meetings and time spent traveling, to client phone calls, emails and admin. You essentially get a complete account of how your energies and resources are spent – which is essential for addressing operational inefficiencies, internal costs, lengthy workflows and your own unproductive behaviors.

Bill all clients accurately

With a complete log of everything you worked on, you can bill clients honesty and transparently. In a few clicks, you can transform your tracked entries into fully representative project or client time sheets. It sets a new standard for accurate invoicing, and ensures you actually get paid for all your billable work. No details are left behind or misrepresented and making custom reports is surprisingly painless: show clients (in granular detail) how you spent your monthly fees in a matter of clicks.

Don’t waste time on your own accounting

Automation exists to remove the irritating tasks that take you away from what matters most. Automatic time tracking is no different: you don’t have to interrupt your flow to stop a timer or manually note down what you’ve been doing. You don’t even have to spend time putting your time sheet together if you don’t want to – Timely’s AI can actually work out what you were doing for you! By tracking and processing everything automatically, you can forget about time tracking completely and get back to what you were hired to do.


Keep track of multiple projects on-the-go

In accountancy, managing multiple clients and projects are par for the course – but it’s still an art form in itself. To ease project management, Timely presents your performance across clients in one centralized dashboard. Tracking budgets becomes effortless, and you can instantly keep track of how much time you’re spending on each client. There’s no need to keep a manual log of time sheets or itemized activity for each customer – Timely’s reports can pull these together in seconds.

📱 Work how you want to

Timely was designed with flexibility in mind. The app is available on all devices – Mac, Windows, iOS and Android – so you can move seamlessly between your laptop, phone, tablet and smartwatch, wherever work takes you. In addition to web and desktop apps, it can log client call durations and track your GPS location on your mobile: ideal for capturing travel and client meetings. You can also manage and organize your time however you want – dipping in and out throughout the day, or just checking once towards the end. Since everything is tracked, there’s no pressure.


Why accountants love Timely

Timely is the time tracking tool of choice across the whole accountancy spectrum – able to accommodate the independent consultant as well as practice-based accountants. But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what Timely’s accountancy community makes of the tool:

I don't work neatly - it's very much five minutes here, then dipping into another client's work, then being diverted onto something else. I tried Toggl around a year ago, but remembering to stop timers was near impossible. I figured there must be something that could automatically track activity, and then I found Timely. Couldn't be more pleased with it. – Richard
“I loved Timely from the first moment I tried it. The integration with my phone and apple watch was great! The automatic Memory feature and integration with the Moves app are what really convinced me though. It’s been amazing – a really simple and cool-looking app, with incredible options for tracking activity and time.” – SJ
“Working for two companies, I need to keep track of my hours for billing. But Timely has also helped me monitor time spent my non-billable activities as well – which are also essential to know!” – Michael
“As the owner of a bookkeeping business, I don’t want to spend time on my own bookkeeping. I wanted a time tracking solution that could connect with all my workflows to make time sheet reporting as simple and accurate as possible – and Timely does exactly that. It’s the most advanced and deeply-integrated time tracking software I’ve seen.” – Sandip
“The ability to see planned vs. actual time really sold Timely for me. I can set out my week and see if I have any time "spare”. It was a really easy decision.” – Mark
“Entering into tax season, I wanted to completely automate invoicing and scheduling to save time and bill clients more accurately. Timely was the only app I found that was fully automated; the others still required some sort of initiation or trigger to begin timing.” – Tamara
“I need to keep track of time for work, but the time sheet system included in our practice management suite is not very efficient or friendly. With Timely, I can customize time tracking to my own needs and purposes.” – Darren

Try Timely for yourself

We’d love to know how Timely works for your accountancy work. Trial the full app for free and let us know what you think. If there’s a specific functionality that could really supercharge your reporting or productivity, send a feature request to support – we’ll try and prioritize it for you!

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