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Time tracking for creatives

Time tracking for creatives

When you’re deep in your flow, the last thing you want to think about is timers. But time tracking is essential for every creative workflow – making sure you get paid for all your work and understand your successes. You simply can’t make better project estimates, improve profitability or master your creative process without it. It’s precisely why we designed Timely – the first AI-powered time tracking tool that automatically tracks everything you work on, so you don’t have to.

The time tracking app for creatives

Timely tracks all the time you spend on different tasks and projects without ever interrupting you. It records all active web and desktop activity – as well as GPS location – and uses AI to translate it all into fully accurate time sheets. You can control, manage and bill time from one place without compromising your own productivity.

Bill accurately for all your work

Timely simplifies the entire time sheet creation process whilst massively improving its accuracy. You can be confident that you invoice each client honestly for all your billable hours, and can send itemized breakdowns of exactly where that time went. Managers can set automatic reminders to ensure everyone’s time sheets are in on time, taking the sting out of essential admin and removing end-of-month bottlenecks.

∑ Quantify internal time

Smart companies value all their hours – not just the billable ones. Timely gives you full control over your total business costs by tracking all the time your team spends on non-billable work, including project and task management, email, meetings, research and development, and internal team communication. It makes it easy to identify the inefficient processes and workflows that limit your team’s productivity.

Track projects in real-time

Whether you charge hourly or fixed project rates, you need to understand exactly how much projects are costing you. Timely helps you track project performance across all your clients and projects using powerful real-time dashboards. Monitor time and money budget spend, track the latest activities across all projects, and ensure everyone is working to priorities to deliver efficient projects on-time and on-budget.

⚙️ Master your creative workflow

By knowing exactly how you spend your time, you can work out how to get more value from it. Automatic time tracking is the easy route to time consciousness and control. You can see how you distribute your time, how long tasks take you, where you get distracted, where internal time goes and how you perform against your forecasts – then optimize your processes and create the conditions for your best work.

🕹 Manage team resources

Timely pulls all your team’s time data into one place for quick, proactive management. See who’s working on what, who has capacity to help out, who’s veering from their priorities and who’s on the road to burnout. By showing everyone’s activity across your projects, it also facilitates quick team collaboration; know where your colleagues are with a task without interrupting their work.

😎 Focus on your actual job

Forget about timers completely. By tracking time for you automatically, Timely lets you get back to productive, meaningful work. Since everything is captured while you work, you don’t have to continuously interrupt your day to log hours or make notes before you forget them. Interact with the tool as little or as much as you like – whatever works best for your individual flow.

🔒 Lead with trust

At Timely, we’re super sensitive about making a tool which actually empowers the people using it. As such, you won’t find any creepy mouse tracking or routine screenshots. Everyone’s tracked memories remain private to them alone, and all team members can review time entries before making them publicly visible. It ensures people can address their own productivity goals in a private, secure space, improving workflows and schedules as masters of their own work.

📱 Work anywhere

Timely was built for the dynamic creative lifestyle. Workshops, client presentations, off-site pitches, meetings, events and travel – all the work that happens away from your desk can all be captured. And Timely itself is accessible on web, desktop, tablet, smartphone and smartwatch, so you can manage your time as you move between devices. Expect a fully native app, whether you prefer Android to iOS or Mac to Windows.


Why creatives love Timely

Creatives from all backgrounds and industries choose Timely to manage their work and productive performance with minimal effort. But don't just take our word for it; here's what Timely’s creative community has to say about the tool:

“Timely removes the stress of time reporting and allows me to focus 100% on my job. It’s a massive productivity and motivational boost.”
– Peter, freelance web developer
“Timely can automatically track and tag work to different projects for me, and I really like how easy that process is. It's perfect for me.”
– Derek, engineer
“We use Timely to get deep insights on where our team is spending for each client project. It helps us identify potential time sucks, billing misses or billing overages – all of which help to keep the client first.”
– Nathan, film production agency head
“Timely’s automatic tracking is ideal for my sporadic work environment, where I might just spend a few minutes on a project. It’s also integrates nicely with other apps and your phone!”
– Jessica, architect
“Timely does everything you forget to do (like hitting a timer to record a project) and everything you hate to do (like trying to add up billable hours). Love it!”
– Caroline, graphic designer
“It helps me keep track of what I am doing, for who, and when without me having to stress that I will forget my hours or bill incorrectly since it always keeps track of what I am doing.”
– Ford, branding and design agency head
“New employees in our studio are literally up and running on Timely in a less than 5 minutes.”
– Vince, web design studio CEO
“Memory is great for people like me who forget to track their work all the time. It’s especially useful for understanding project task length, so I can bill fixed project prices instead of hourly prices and know they’re profitable.”
– Ella, marketer and PR specialist
“We wanted to manage scope creep and keep to our priorities. Timely lets us do both, as well as helping us manage internal time spent on client development and prospecting.”
– Jennifer, marketing executive
“The only product I’ve found that allows me to work naturally.”
– Samantha, creative director
“Researching improvements to my current tool (Toggl), I found Timely and immediately fell in love with the visual day/week reporting view and overall UI. The moment I logged my first entry with Memory, I realized the greatness of this tool. Not only does it take a load off my brain, it also gives me much better insight into how I spend my work days. Timely has upgraded my time reporting process to the next level in terms of speed, joy and value. It’s the best time reporting solution around.”
– Erik, designer and developer
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