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The Freelancer's Secret Weapon: Tracking Hours for Maximum Earnings

The Freelancer's Secret Weapon: Tracking Hours for Maximum Earnings

Time tracking apps are a freelancer’s best friend, whether you bill by the hour or per project. You can’t run your freelance business (let alone invoice) without an accurate running account of everything you get up to. It’s exactly why we designed Timely – the first time tracking app to automatically capture all your freelance hours.

The time tracking app for freelancers

Timely was designed to help you track and make sense of all your differing rates, clients and projects. We don’t push features you don’t need and you don’t need to take a course to start using it. The whole app is intended to remove the burden of time tracking completely, so you can focus on meeting your deadlines.

Produces an accurate work log for invoicing

By tracking everything you work on automatically, Timely captures all your billable hours for you. You don’t have to remember to set a timer while switching between projects, or piece together what you did. It means you always have an accurate record for billing and analyzing your business. No matter how sporadic your working schedule, Timely runs in the background to make sure every second is logged and you get proper granularity over where your project time goes.

📅 Makes work scheduling effortless

From its earliest ever design, Timely has always been about visualizing your working week. Its drag-and-drop calendar interface makes it easy to plan in tasks ahead, so you can protect the time needed to complete each client project. We’ve also built in integration with other calendars to allow your planned events to auto-import into the app. Everything magically appears in one place for a clean weekly overview without any need for duplicated effort. You can also break down your week by “planned” and “logged” time to ensure you don’t overcommit, and quickly see where you have room in your schedule.

💪Helps you manage multiple projects at once

Being in demand feels great, but it can be pretty daunting. Timely presents your performance across clients in one centralized dashboard for easy project management. It simplifies things like tracking different rates and projects, and lets you instantly see how much time you’re spending on each client. There’s no need to keep a manual log of time sheets or itemized activity for each customer – Timely’s reports can pull these together in seconds.

📈Lets you create quick customized client reports

Clients love reports. They’re great for quickly communicating status updates and providing a detailed breakdown of your activity when invoicing. They’re also pretty nifty for breaking down your own freelance performance. Timely comes with a bunch of professional ready-made report templates you can use, as well as a super-easy chart builder to let you make custom reports in seconds. You can add your own logo and generate a URL for simple sharing in one click. Prefer PDF or Excel files? Not a problem!

⏳ Helps you improve time and cost estimates

Pricing work fairly and forecasting project length are two of the most challenging tasks freelancers face. Timely helps you achieve both painlessly. By tagging different project tasks, you can see a precise time breakdown of your whole project workflow and easily compare past performance to estimate realistic deadlines for future work. By knowing how much effort and time different projects take, you’re also better placed to set fees – whether you bill by the hour or project.

💰Lets you easily manage profitability

If you find yourself in the lucky position of having multiple work requests, you need to ensure you make the best decision for your business. Timely helps you identify your most profitable clients, by showcasing rate and project time alongside the tasks that eat into your project budget – like heavy communication drains. It also helps you easily forecast how much you will earn in a month against past performance to help keep account of your own profitability.

🏃🏽♀️ Designed for cross-device, nomadic working

Freelancers rarely stay in one place. With apps for desktop, mobile, tablet, web and Apple Watch, Timely lets you continue to work naturally across all your work devices on-the-go. It tracks phone time and location to give you a complete picture of how you spend your time, which helps you identify frequently overlooked billable freelance hours – including travel, overrunning meetings, client calls and daily project communication.


Why freelancers love Timely

Consultants and freelancers of every background use Timely to manage their freelance businesses – from designers and programmers, to marketers, architects and writers. Here’s what a few of them have to say about their experience with the tool:

“Absolutely excellent, easy-to-use tool. I literally use it on the way home from a client on my iPhone.”
Michael, management consultant
“The only product I’ve found that allows me to work naturally.”
Samantha, creative director
"Timely is the tool I've longed for since the late 20th century. It's a total game changer, not only in business applications, but in gaining perspective on personal priorities as well."
Jay, freelance marketer
“I can use Timely on my iOS and Android devices as well as on my desktop. Sometimes I work for HOURS on my iPad and Timely keeps track. I LOVE this app!”
Pamela, freelance entrepreneur
"In my research, Timely was the only app that actually tracked what I worked on automatically. It helps keep everything neat and at the end of the day I can go back and double check if I remembered my hours correctly."
Marisa, freelance UX designer
“I switch projects multiple times per day, so it’s great automating the whole time tracking process. I know exactly how much timeI spent on different projects.”
Marek, freelance developer
“Timely helps me organize the work I do visually, allowing me to time block my week. The ability to quickly ignore/approve hours is increasing my efficiency too.”
Jordan, freelance marketing contractor
“I was using another time track already, but the lovely, detailed reports and mac app convinced me.”
Benjamin, freelance UX designer
“A lively and dynamic company willing to interact with its users base in order to continuously improve and grow.”
Danilo, Scrum and Agile coach
“A great visual approach to time management.”
Leticia, freelance designer
“The most beautifully designed, easiest to use, smartest time tracking and planning tool I've ever used.”
Ken, growth specialist
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