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Maximizing Billable Hours with Attorney Time Tracking Software

Maximizing Billable Hours with Attorney Time Tracking Software

As a lawyer, robust time tracking is essential. Client relationships and firm profitability require every second to be accountable. But traditional manual methods introduce huge inaccuracies into your billing and make huge demands on your time. It’s exactly why we developed Timely – the first time tracking tool to automatically capture all the time you spend across cases and clients in the background for you.

The time tracking tool for lawyers

Timely tracks all the time you spend on different clients and cases without ever interrupting you. It records all active web and desktop activity – as well as mobile calls and GPS location – and uses AI to translate it all into fully accurate time sheets for billing. Real-time project dashboards and quick reporting then allow you to share data with clients without ever compromising your own productivity. As an automatic tool, it’s the easiest way to manage your billable time with minimal effort.

⚙️ Get a complete log of all business time

In contrast to most other time trackers, Timely works automatically. It records all the time you spend in desktop and web apps every day, and can even capture time spent in GPS locations. You get the full picture of your working day, with a completely accurate and dependable record of business time data at your disposal. Everything is collected and fed into action-focused dashboards for you, so you can understand where you spend time across clients and cases without digging for information.

Bill accurately for all client work

Timely simplifies time sheet creation whilst massively improving its accuracy. With a complete log of everything you worked on, you can be confident that you invoice each client honestly – including commonly overlooked billable time spent on out-of-hours calls, travel, overrunning meetings and late-night emails. In a few clicks, you can transform your tracked entries into fully representative time sheets. Alternatively, you can let Timely’s AI draft time sheets for you to save you even more effort.

Focus on your actual work

While many lawyers swear by timers, we can’t stand them. Continually interrupting your day to click buttons and plug in timestamps is ridiculously inefficient. It introduces low-value admin into your workflow and seriously limits the accuracy of your time records. With automatic time tracking, you can just focus 100% on your work knowing every detail will be objectively recorded. You don’t have to remember to do anything when moving between clients and cases, and can choose to manage time when it actually suits your schedule.


Lead with transparency

Timely’s Projects feature breaks down your time into simple dashboard for easy time management. It simplifies things like tracking different rates and cases, and lets you instantly see how much time you’re spending on each client. You then turn that data into professional granular reports in seconds. It’s a brilliant way of showing clients exactly how you spend case time each month, helping you lead a more accountable and transparent practice.

📱 Manage time on-the-go

Timely was built for the active legal lifestyle. Client meetings, court representation, mobile calls and travel – all the work that happens away from your desk can all be captured. And Timely itself is accessible on web, desktop, tablet, smartphone and smartwatch, so you can manage time as you move between devices. Expect a fully native app, whether you prefer Android to iOS or Mac to Windows.


Improve process and productivity

You can’t improve your productive performance without knowing how you perform in the first place. By laying out every detail of your day, Timely offers a ton of behavioral and operational insight. By identifying inefficient workflows, interruptions, capacity limitations and personal distractions, you can actually introduce effective change to improve your productivity. It’s super helpful for showing where you might need to outsource work, invest in new tools, hire additional help, change processes or revisit your own expectations.

🕹 Manage your legal team effortlessly

Timely lets you manage time across all your employees from one centralized place. You can quickly see what cases people are working on, alongside their individual weekly capacity. It’s useful for preventing burnout, understanding how much time you spend on different clients and understanding how your firm is performing against its objectives. By tagging different activities, it’s easy to grasp your internal costs too – like the time your business spends on email, internal communication, processes and client management.

Why lawyers love Timely

Timely is the time tracking tool of choice for lawyers seeking impeccable accuracy with minimal effort. Partners, firms, consultants and independent lawyers alike use automatic time tracking to bill effortlessly and offer full transparency to their clients. But don’t just take our word for it; here’s what Timely’s legal community has to say about the tool:

“I’m constantly seeking to work more efficiently and update technology in the legal field. Timely gives me the option to track time passively with minimal involvement.”
– Holli, attorney
“I was looking for a fully automated time-tracking solution, and Timely is the one. It’s the best solution for time tracking and, possibly, project budgeting.”
– Anastasia, international tax lawyer
“My company has a dedicated system for registering billable legal hours, but Timely provides me with a history of everything that kept me busy so I can register all my time.”
– Claudine, tax law firm partner
“With Toggle, I had trouble reconstructing my time if I forgot to activate my timer. Timely is powerful and flexible, and syncs across multiple devices, allowing my team to track time in multiple locations, including outside the office.”
– Kyle, partner
“After trialling Timely free for a week, I found it to be extremely easy and effective.”
– Rick, lawyer managing a small team
“I like that it captures my computer time and GPS location when I’m not active on my computer but working (like at client meetings). It also shows where I go down rabbit holes for more self-awareness. It’s big brother, but the good kind that would pick you up from a friend's house when you've been drinking and not tell mom and dad.”
– Haley, labor lawyer
“I charge on an hourly basis and I often switch from one case to another, so time tracking is essential to my work. Timely is a very client friendly app – I could not find anything like it anywhere else.”
– Sophie, lawyer
“I was convinced that someone, somewhere must be applying automation, mobility, and some form of machine learning to alleviate, if not eliminate, the manual requirements of timekeeping. I searched for this and found Timely. It’s a really cool platform that everyone should try and I believe it's getting even better.”
– John, trial and litigation attorney
“A pretty cool time keeping app that helps you remember everything you've done in a day.”
– Joseph, litigation attorney
“Memory’s automatic time tracking is a really interesting function. I also really appreciate the privacy notices surrounding Memory, letting me know that what it records is stored locally and not visible to anyone.”
– Kieran, attorney
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