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Time tracking for remote employees

Time tracking for remote employees

As a remote employee, time tracking is par for the course. It helps you stay visible and in-sync with your team, as well as keeping your efforts structured and accountable. But that doesn’t stop it being wildly unproductive. It’s exactly why we designed Timely – the first employee-led remote time tracking tool that can automatically track and log hours for you while you work.

The time tracking app for employees

Timely tracks all the time you spend on different tasks and projects without ever interrupting you. It records all active web and desktop activity – as well as mobile calls and GPS location – and uses AI to translate it all into fully accurate time sheets.

Crucially, it doesn’t invade your privacy and professional dignity to get there. By ensuring all tracked data is private to you alone by default, Timely is a time tracking tool remote employees can actually trust. Manage your activity and share progress with minimal effort, as the sole master of your time.

📙 Creates a complete account of your working day

Whether your boss wants you to document all your hours, or you just want a complete picture to better organize your time, automatic time tracking has your back. It completely removes the dependence on manual input, so your work is never misreported or forgotten. You can see the time you spend down to the app used, to ensure all your project work is accounted for; even commonly overlooked activities like internal team communication, meetings and email.

🤖 Automates unproductive remote admin

Timely was built to end manual time tracking once and for all, so you never have to waste energy on it ever again. As an automatic tool, there’s no need to break your flow to log hours or stop a timer; everything is being recorded to your private timeline in the background while you work. You don’t even have to waste time putting a time sheet together, since our AI can create one for you. No timers, no interruptions, no mental energy wasted on time tracking – you can get back to the job you were hired to do.

👓 Provides remote team transparency

Timely helps everyone on your remote team get the information they need to be effective and supportive. You and your colleagues can see what you’re all working on from one place. But it also provides essential transparency for your manager. They can review your capacity alongside everyone else’s, to ensure your workload is healthy and that you’re all sticking to priorities. It’s especially useful for preventing burnout and allocating resources to where they’re most needed.

Empowers remote worker self-management

Despite the attraction of flexibility, all remote workers need to establish structure to work effectively. Timley helps you master your productive performance by revealing exactly how you use your time. You can understand how long different tasks take, where you get distracted, and where processes can be improved. It also provides the means to schedule your week effectively – calls, meetings, and video conferences auto-import to help you plan work against your capacity, and the “planned vs logged” time feature helps you work out how much time you’ll need for each task

🔒 Protects remote employee privacy

Employee time tracking can’t work without mutual respect. Unlike some time tracking apps, Timely promotes remote employee agency over intimidation. All your tracked data is completely private to you alone. You can review your draft time sheets, activity and project tasks to ensure they are fully correct and representative before sharing them with colleagues. No invasive screenshots, weird mouse tracking or GPS location tagging. Timely is all about protecting an honest and open working culture.

💻 Supports the remote lifestyle

Timely was built for the dynamic remote work lifestyle. With apps for web, desktop, tablet, smartphone and smartwatch, you can access and manage your time across all your devices. And with GPS location tracking, you can capture all the work that happens outside your home office. You can also manage and organize your time however you want – checking at the end of the day, or once a week. Since everything is tracked, there’s no pressure; just focus on what’s productive.


Why remote employees love Timely

Remote employees from all backgrounds and industries choose Timely to effortlessly coordinate and optimize their performance. But don't just take our word for it; here's what a few of them had to say about the tool:

I tell friends and colleagues all the time that they need to use Timely to track their time. It helps me plan and manage my time, and stop me kidding myself that I'm being productive when I'm just being busy. For colleagues new to WFH during the pandemic, I think it's a great tool to keep them focussed and for their managers to keep them on track too! Aside from tracking billable time for clients, it helps me understand how accurate my quotes are (turns out I’ve been spending way more time than I ever estimated and quoted).
– Cath, design consultant working from home
My whole team uses Timely. I think it's a great way of submitting your tasks when working remotely so your company can keep track of all work. It also helps us with payroll!
– Emaan, digital marketing executive WFH
“As a worker and mother currently WFH remotely due to COVID-19, I needed a time management tool to help track and log my hours. Timely does it all in the background!”
– Esti, in-house designer working from home
“I work remotely for a studio in Berlin and also manage a remote start-up. Timely helps me bill for all my work, capture time on client calls, track budgets and understand project task length all in one.”
– Paola, remote front-end developer
"I use Timely to see what I’m actually working on in order to stay effective. It’s smart and dynamic, and doesn't give me anxiety like other trackers that capture and your screen. Plus, the price wasn't bad for an app and dashboard application."
– Bryan, remote developer
“Timely is an awesome app for remote workers. It does everything you forget to do (like hitting a timer to record a project) and everything you hate to do (like trying to add up billable hours). Love it!”
– Caroline, remote graphic designer
“Many of us work remotely in my company, so we use Timely to keep track of what we're each working on and how it relates to the clients we serve.”
– Garin, remote PR specialist
“I began working remotely about two years ago, working across multiple projects. I needed something that was online, accessible and easy to use on all my devices, which could provide me with a detailed breakdown of all my work. Timely was it, exactly, and I'm really happy to say that it continues to meet my needs.”
– Waqar, remote business manager
“I am traveling and working remotely at the same time, and my boss wanted me to start tracking the hours I was working on projects. Timely’s automatic time tracking is great for this – it provides a layer between what you're doing and how you organize your time.”
– Graysen, remote designer
“Timely is a great tool for team transparency, that helps you plan and make a better everyday.”
– Menn, remote designer
"As a remote worker, I want to make sure that I spend the fair amount of time on each task, and don't work for longer than I should work. Timely is the most promising automated time tracker out there."
– Gabor, product manager
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