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What’s new: Automatically track your time working in Chrome

What’s new: Automatically track your time working in Chrome

Valentine’s Day has been and gone. It’s safe to say that bouquet of flowers is well and truly wilted by now.

Our Timely product updates, though? They’re flourishing.

We’ve got a brand-spanking new Memory for Chrome browser extension, for starters — meaning automatic time tracking is soon to be a breeze for you Linux users as well.

A quick reminder that January was a big month for us too — we launched new profitability controls, Tasks and Memory optimizations, and a whole lot more.

Automatically track your time working in Chrome

First to the plate is our new Memory for Chrome browser extension. This has been one of the most hotly requested features from our Linux fans in particular (yes, there are quite a few of you!) and we couldn’t be happier to get it into your hands.

With Memory for Chrome installed, every second you spend in specific web pages on Chromium-based browsers (the usual suspects, like Brave, Chrome, Opera, Vivaldi, Chromium and Microsoft Edge) will be recorded to your private Hours timeline inside Timely. You can then drag and drop these activities directly to your timesheet to log web time to a project.

Memory for Chrome demo

Windows and Mac users can still take full advantage of our flagship Memory app, which captures the time you spend in desktop apps in addition to all web activity.

Small-yet-perfectly-formed releases

Never ones to rest on our laurels, here are some of the other tweaks and improvements we made to Timely in February:

  • Memories now display any custom tab group names you’ve set on Chrome, Brave and Microsoft Edge for a cleaner, more familiar grouping of daily activities.
  • Want to receive a mobile notification whenever someone assigns you a new task? Head to Settings Notifications to set it up.

That’s it for February, folks, but 2022 is really just getting started! We’ll continue launching new features and improvements in Timely throughout the year, and can’t wait to see how you’ll use them.

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