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Chasing Timesheets: How to Streamline Your Time Management Process

Chasing Timesheets: How to Streamline Your Time Management Process

Lazy employees? Poor management? Or is plugging in the minute details of your daily existence actually just really damn boring? Timesheets blow – like the most mind-numbingly crap diary you could ever write. But they’re a pretty expensive crap diary and the US economy alone is losing $7.4 BILLION A DAY by not receiving them on-time.

A pretty dumb waste of money, right? Well, it stops today. There are loads of different approaches you can take to ensure every hour is accounted for, whatever your style.

Let’s throw a few ideas around – you start.

Should I…shame the stragglers?

If you like (but remember many people resent the approch)! Simply broadcast the group’s timesheet performance in a highly visible place. We have a huge progress dashboard plastered on one of the big screens in the office.

You can even add a forfeit for whoever comes last. One of our subscribers makes their employees eat a spoonful of cod liver oil if they don't log their hours. Mmmm 🐟

I’m not into public humiliation. What else?

Bribe Incentivise them. Reward prompt timesheets with chocolate, booze, money etc. – whatever works.

You could also try offering a bigger group prize they can only win together. Assuming your employees aren’t complete assholes, they probably won’t want to cheat their colleagues out of fun free stuff!

Surely timesheets can just sort themselves out in this digital age?? I’m so sick and tired of fuc—

Good news! You’re absolutely right. Loads of easy-to-use apps can actually automatically log your hours for you: it’s in your power to never fill out another timesheet ever again. The best bit? They do it willingly, without complaint, just as you instruct them to.

We’re obviously pretty proud of our Timely solution, but have a good read around to ensure you find the right robot for the job.

Hours accurate-timesheets@2x

Job done, money saved 👊🏼 And – you never know – your employees might even like you a little bit more.

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