Case Studies

Retrospec: film production agency

Nathan Groves
Retrospec Films
Hey Nathan, tell us a bit about what you do.

I am a lead creative, producer and process-laden task master in the film production industry. A typical day can involve anything from overseeing video productions, managing people, adjusting processes, and reviewing way too many apps. It can get hectic! Which is why I started looking for a time tracking solution.

What did you want to get out of time tracking?

We wanted deep insights on where our production team was spending time across different client projects. We wanted to review that activity alongside billing to identify potential time drains, missed billing or inaccurate invoicing. Really, we were looking for a tool to help us keep the client first.

What made you choose Timely for the job?

Well, the whole team trialled the tool for free and really enjoyed its simplicity and functionality. It’s also incredibly easy to navigate which is really important. For me the biggest win with software lies in whether employees will actually use it, so Timely was a big win in that sense.

Do you have a favourite feature?

We have a few! Memory is an obvious favourite, since by tracking all the tasks and projects we work on, nothing is ever forgotten. Here are a few words from some of our fantastic editing team:

"I love that Timely allows you to tag a specific activity within each project! It means I can see that I spent 1 hour on graphic design and 2 hours on motion graphics, instead of just seeing a 3-hour project block. Seeing exactly how I spend my time and where the bulk of it goes aids my entire planning process."

Madi Dettor, Art Director and Motion Designer
I love the Memory feature. If I forget to track for a few hours, I just go back and look at my Memory and it shows me which projects I've been working on.

Josh Tackett, Lead VFX and Motion Designer
I really like the simplicity of the interface. Timely is so easy to navigate.

Josh Franks, Senior Editor
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