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Track time spent on to-do list, planning and collaborating with others.

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Time Tracking for Todoist 

The simplest project and task management tools can make a huge difference in your work life. When it comes to Todoist, it’s a small but mighty workload planning and collaboration tool. It’s very likely that you’re using it for both work and personal projects. What’s even more likely is that online collaboration is the norm in modern, digital workplaces.

In fact, since 2021, 80% of hybrid teams have continued using online collaboration tools. What cannot be planned on whiteboards and documents now lives in todoist. What used to require off-site workshops, now only requires a todoist board. Even so, to ensure that collaborative time is spent on the right business priorities, you can track the time spent on todoist boards and connect it to the right project in Timely.

Can Todoist track time?

No, Todoist cannot track the time you spend on boards and to-do lists. 

Project and workload planning feels like it’s always in flux – 10 minute today, 30 minutes during a sprint catch-up. But, the time spent on ad-hoc collaboration and planning is neither captured nor measured in todoist, making it impossible to measure planning and collaboration time in larger teams.

How can you track time on Todoist?

Anyone using Todoist boards and lists can track their time in Timely. The integration imports tasks completed, the time of completion and Memory adds the duration spent on your Todoist app. 

What are the benefits of tracking time in Todoist?

Recognize project initiators and project finishers

Most often, collaborative contributions come from 2-3% of employees involved in creating and maintaining project boards. If you bill by the hour or using flat-fees, this time needs to be accounted for under Project Management activities. If planning and project management are internal activities or excluded from your billable services, you want to know how your top planners and initiators spend their time to keep projects moving forward. 

Tracking time on todoist gives your team the evidence needed to measure various contributions to a project. Those who are most actively involved in planning are a good fit for managing work, whereas those who are involved in checking off to-dos are the ones who are your project finishers. They get stuff done and shine brighter in a execution-oriented roles.

Optimize time spent collaboratively 

So many reasons to celebrate the rise of collaborative tools and workplaces! Diversity? Check. A sense of belonging? For sure!

The secret to keeping collaborative time both fun and productive is by linking it to business objectives. Sure, todoist boards come with high-level descriptions of impact, but that’s not enough. When every card in todoist is connected to a client deliverable, you’re sure to have spent team time productively and profitably. Track the time spend on each client deliverables using this todoist integration, then generate reports to understand the distribution of planning versus execution in each project. Use these insights to collaborate more efficiently and better aligned wit business goals at the end of the day.

Better completion estimates for your Todoist boards

  • Project management is different from project delivery. todoistw is designed for project management - it helps you plan, brief, and assign deliverables to colleagues. Timely adds the project control dimension - by helping you stay on top of time, people resources, and cost constraints.
  • Used together, Timely and todoist cover all of your needs for delivering projects on time and on budget. They’re the perfect pair. 
  • When you organise your work in todoist, but measure the time spent on it in Timely, you’ve made the connection between planned time and duration. Now, you’re in a better position to estimate projects more accurately and meet project deadlines as a result.
This integration is used to track your progress on Todoist, but does not sync projects or boards with Timely – for example, if you build a Todoist board, it will not be created in Timely as well.
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Anyone with a Todoist account can set up this integration.


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