Timely's Zapier integration

Connect Zapier with Timely to seamlessly connect accurate time data with your tech stack.

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Set up the Zapier/Timely integration

Timely’s Zapier integration lets you automate the flow of information between Timely and your favorite work tools. Simply search for “Timely Time Tracker” in Zapier and connect your Zapier account to get started.

Create Zaps to automatically import data to Timely

Zapier/Timely integration lets you to automatically create data in Timely based on trigger events from other tools. From Zapier, define an external trigger and the responding action you want Timely to take. This could be to make Timely automatically create a project or time entry whenever you create a new Epic ticket in Jira. We’re adding new triggers, events and data fields all the time to help you automate more of your workflow.

Create Zaps to automatically send Timely data to your stack

Timely’s Zapier integration lets information flow both ways. That means you can also automatically send Timely data to the rest of your stack based on trigger events inside Timely. For instance, you can make Airtable automatically create or update a record whenever you create a new project, client, user or time entry in Timely.

Popular ways to integrate Timely with other software

Memory app

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