Agency Profitability Playbook
Featuring Dan Hestbaek

Dan Hestbaek is the founder and CEO of LIFT, a platform purpose-built for communications agencies to retain and grow their clients. With LIFT, agency owners can:

  • Reduce their revenue churn by at least 30% YoY
  • Make customer relationship management more predictable and data-driven
  • Find predictors of agency client churn and reduce them
“Through data, we know that by following the LIFT methodology, an agency will reduce their revenue churn at least 30% YoY. This means, an agency with 20% revenue churn before using LIFT will minimum reduce this to 14% the year after.”

Dan Hestbaek

Founder of Lift

This agency profitability playbook is designed to help agency owners, COOs, and CFOs make informed decisions based on accurate timesheets, focusing on business planning, performance, and profitability.

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Agency playbook sample page two
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