Agency Profitability Playbook
Featuring Gareth Healey

Gareth Healey is Managing Partner and Cactus Consulting Limited, Europe’s leading dedicated corporate M&A PE advisory and growth consultancy for agencies. He also authored the award-winning author “Stand out or die”, giving agency owners a full roadmap to making their agency more visible, desirable and valuable.

“Whilst stopping charging client work by the hour is wise, not measuring the time spent on client work is foolhardy. Time is money, goes the old saying. But time is also data. It's essential data for managing your agency and optimising its profitability. It's vital for business planning and monitoring the performance of both your clients and people. If you don't track time, how will you know whether you're over-servicing clients or overloading your team?”

Gareth Healey

CEO of Beyond Noise and award-winning author
of “Standout or die”

This agency profitability playbook is designed to help agency owners, COOs, and CFOs make informed decisions based on accurate timesheets, focusing on business planning, performance, and profitability.

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Agency playbook sample page two
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