Agency Profitability Playbook
Featuring Romans Ivanovs

Romans Ivanovs is Head Consultant and Founder of CEO Operations systems, where he helps agency owners reclaim up to 25 hours of time each week, remove stress and become high-performance leaders.

“How do you raise your fees duringan economic downturn? You have to raise your value. It means upgrading your offer and positioning yourself better. You may have the best ideas and service, but you need to make it clear to prospects how you impact their top line. Your value is determined by your market, not vice versa.”

Romans Ivanovs

Head Coach and Founder of CEO Operating Systems

This agency profitability playbook is designed to help agency owners, COOs, and CFOs make informed decisions based on accurate timesheets, focusing on business planning, performance, and profitability.

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Agency playbook sample page two
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