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A timely alternative to manual time tracking

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“I always forget to start or stop timers. Manual timer apps also don’t give me any detail about what I did during that time.”

Helena via Typeform

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When to choose Timely over a Timely alternative<br>

Offering AI and automation, Timely is quite a step up from most manual time tracking software. It may be everything you’d ever dreamed of in a time tracker, or too sophisticated for your needs. To figure out what’s right for you, here are a few reasons why people choose Timely over Timely alternatives.

Timely is accurate, flexible, enjoyable time tracking.

A timely alternative to manual time tracking

Feel Helena’s pain? You’re not alone. Almost every time tracking app currently on the market shares Deputy’s essential design error: manual timer input.

Constantly starting and stopping timers is an unnatural and inefficient way to track time, particularly if you regularly hop between projects or responsibilities. The reliance on manual input and memory itself breeds extreme inaccuracy —even if you remember to log your hours every day, studies show that timesheets that rely on manual input are only ever 67% accurate.

In contrast, Timely is one of the only mature automatic time tracking solutions currently available on the market. It can capture everything you work on in the background for you, without the need for any manual timers or note taking—creating an accurate, objective record of all the time you spend on every document, website, email, meeting and video call.

Timely also minimizes time tracking admin by letting you drag and drop tracked activities to your timesheet, or enlist AI to draft time entries for you. Offering a range of project and team  management features, you can easily visualize and report on critical business information— from budget spend and time on clients, to employee capacity and utilization.

In case you bill for your hours, Timely also streamlines routine accounting , allowing you to create accurate, professional invoices in bulk for all unbilled project work in a click through its QuickBooks Online integration.

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Trusted by 5000+ businesses globally