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Timely 2019: A year in review

Timely 2019: A year in review

It’s been a mad year of building, fixing, innovating and dreaming here at Timely — and one we’re especially proud to be ending the decade on. But we couldn’t have achieved any of it without your ongoing support. For sharing brilliant ideas for new features and functionality; persevering to help us make fixes which benefit the whole Timely community; and providing the heartwarming feedback that makes every product release worth it — this one’s for you.

Thanks to a wonderful year of collaboration!

The year in review

A few of the biggest Timely highlights from 2019 include:

  • Introducing AI drafts — Timely can now draft time sheets for you!
  • Reimagining memory management — including releasing a sweet new List view
  • Rewriting our API documentation — making custom integrations quicker and saner
  • 🎧 Creating “About Time” — our 5-part podcast series featuring Carlo Rovelli
  • Gorgeously simple new Memory UI — including slick drag-and-drop functionality
  • Sharing a new team planning tool — for simple work visualization and scheduling
  • Maturing mobile — sharper designs, functionality, notifications and controls
  • Releasing the Team tracking dashboard — easy overtime and lost hours management
  • Launching our bold new brand — with a decidedly nordic new Timely logo
  • Building Dewo — Timely’s free-to-use sister tool that helps you do more deep work

…And we’re still not done!

‘Tis the season, and you know we don’t like to disappoint. Here are a few extra Timely goodies to feast on, fresh out the oven.

Teach your AI

We’ve just released a slick “Teach your AI” experience that lets you dramatically increase the accuracy of your AI drafts. It proves that you don’t need to be a machine learning expert to train an AI model — you can now do it yourself directly in Timely! Providing you have AI drafts enabled, just hit the Memory brain icon in your top panel to get started.

From the dropdown that appears, you will see that your personal Timely AI model now has a score, rated out of 5. This score indicates the health of your AI — the higher it is, the more accurate your drafts will be (and, by extension, the better your time sheet automation). The thermometer next to your brain icon (shown above) will also update to indicate your AI’s health.

You can improve your AI’s score by hitting the green “Teach Your AI” button. This will start a short interactive training session, where you need to link a sample of memories to the right projects. This process helps train your AI to understand the nuances of your work, so it can make more accurate drafts. You also have the option to “Ignore” memories in this session, effectively telling your AI to exclude similar memories from future drafts.

Once you’ve finished your session, your AI’s score will improve! You can repeat training using new memory samples as much as you want to further increase your score. Once you’re in the 4 score zone, your AI will be super smart and you won’t need to train it.And voila! You’ve just trained your first AI model, and improved your time sheet automation in the process.

Wrapping memory titles

It’s small, but it’s mighty! No matter how long a document’s title or path, you can now see the entire thing from your Memory timeline on web and desktop. This was an especially big issue for devs and designers, who need to see an end file name or path location. When you hover over a memory, you’ll now also find a scrollable panel which makes it easier to review clusters of grouped paths and titles for any given memory.

And that’s a wrap! From everyone at Timely, have a brilliant start to 2020.

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