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Award-winning time tracking!

Award-winning time tracking!

There’s plenty to sink your teeth into this month! Highlights include optimized XLS, CSV and PDF report exports, and a shiny new Integration Portal to help you shape Timely product development. But first, some rather brilliant news…

Timely has won 13 new G2 awards!

We are delighted to announce that Timely has won 13 Fall 2020 awards from the independent software review site G2, including Easiest Setup, Best Usability, Best Results and Most Implementable. These results build on the 27 other G2 awards we have won this year, including Best Estimated ROI,Fastest Implementation, and Momentum Leader.

Among new accolades, Timely also won Leader in Europe for the third time this year! This means Timely ranks highest in the Regional Satisfaction Index and Market Presence scores in Europe for all time tracking software reviewed on G2.

The best part? These awards are 100% user-based. They are determined by actual customers’ ratings, feedback and reviews — the G2 Grid® and Index Reports rank time tracking products based on reviews gathered from the user community, as well as data aggregated from online sources and social networks. You can read about all our G2 Fall 2020 reports and awards here.

❤️ We’re ridiculously humbled by this news, and thank each and every one of you for helping us win. We really can’t build a better product without your ongoing feedback and support. If you have a minute and would like to share yours, please leave us a review!

Export detailed XLS and CSV reports

We’ve just optimized XLS and CSV report exports to enable more detailed analysis of your Timely data, meaning you can now:

💥 Export more budget data — in addition to total budget, we’ve added columns for budget type, budget interval, budget spent ($ or %) and budget remaining ($ or %)
😌 Analyze data using a friendlier format — grouping exported data by Clients and Tags, as well as Projects and People. CSV report exports also now include total per client

These optimizations should make it much easier to grasp the status and movements of any given project budget. You can still choose to use the older XLS and CSV formats (now called “legacy exports” in the Export dropdown), but we will be retiring these formats in six months. This should give you time to adjust any custom queries you have set up to connect Timely data with other systems.

Send clients smarter PDF reports

While we were at it, we also revisited the design for PDF report exports, giving you more options to tailor information to your clients. The overall look and feel is now a lot cleaner too, making it easier to grasp key stats.

Our new PDF report design allows you to:

👤 Hide the “Name” field — removing dead space from your reports when you are only reporting on your own work
Hide budget information — ideal if you use internal budgets to track project profitability and don’t want clients to see them

You can also now personalize the title of your PDF report — it will reflect whatever you name your report template. Provided you are subscribed to one of our Company plans, or the “Professional” or “Freelancer” plans, your workspace logo will also now appear on your reports.

Tell us what integration to build next

Are we missing an important integration that would supercharge the way you work? You can now let our developers know in a click via our swish new Integration Portal! Just browse through potential integrations and click to upvote your favorites!

You can upvote as many integrations as you like. Just be sure to grade your selection by priority, for example selecting “Critical” for integrations you absolutely need in your life, and to “Nice-to-have” for ones you’d like to see at some point.

If you can’t see your desired integration on the list of proposals, just hit the“+ Submit idea” button to add it. Detail is always welcome, which is why every integration request lets you add descriptive notes. ✍️ Psst! Using the Memory app on Mac? Check out the new dark mode! 😎

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