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How Weekly Timesheet Excel Templates can transform your work life

How Weekly Timesheet Excel Templates can transform your work life

Why should you use Weekly Timesheet Excel Templates?

At the end of the week, you want to relax and reap the rewards of your hard work! Reduce the stress of tracking your working hours by using a Weekly Timesheet Excel Template. You can streamline your timesheet process and ensure that you’re paid accurately simply by logging your working hours and tasks each week.

Weekly timesheets improve accuracy when tracking time, creating easier reporting and increased efficiency within your work. However, to make the most out of time tracking in your workplace, it’s important to know what information to include on your timesheet, which timesheets will best suit your needs and how to use weekly timesheets to optimize your workflow.

What are the benefits of using Weekly Timesheet Excel Templates?

So, why bother using Excel?! And why use a weekly timesheet? There are so many benefits to using Weekly Timesheet Excel Templates. Firstly, you will improve your time management skills, as by tracking your working hours you can figure out where your productivity slows down in the day, allowing you to prioritize tasks more efficiently.

This is useful for increasing your productivity levels as you know exactly how much time you have available for each task, allowing you to stay focused on the overarching goals of your work. Weekly timesheets are also beneficial for your payroll, as an hourly employee, since it ensures that you are paid for the hours you work, preventing potential discrepancies.

This benefit is also useful for managers, as the insights provided by weekly timesheets allow them to analyze where they should put additional resources or support for team members within the business.

What should I include in a simple weekly timesheet?

Weekly timesheets come in a variety of forms. However, in its most basic form, a simple weekly timesheet includes data that allows you to analyze your working week and receive accurate pay from your employer.

Basic weekly timesheets include columns for the date, the start and end times of each task, as well as the breaks you took throughout the day, and your total working hours. You may also want to add a ‘notes’ column that tells your manager a bit more about what a specific task entailed, allowing them to understand your working pattern and allocate resources accordingly.

Different types of Weekly Timesheet Excel Templates

There are a variety of Weekly Timesheet Excel Templates to choose from, all of which are specialized based on the type of work or project you’re hoping to use timesheets for! The following list should help you choose a timesheet that suits your needs.

Basic Weekly Timesheet

A standard weekly timesheet is perfect for employees who need to track their hours for payroll as it includes start and end times of tasks, as well as total hours worked, simplifying their pay calculation for the week.

Project-based Weekly Timesheet

These templates include columns for multiple projects, allowing professionals to analyse how much time they’re spending on specific projects they’re working on.

Shift-based Timesheet

This template is valuable for employees who will be working a mixture of day and night shifts, allowing all employees to accurately log their working hours in the same sheet.

Freelance Timesheet

Freelancers can benefit from using these templates to track their time working on different clients’ respective projects. This is useful for justifying their hourly rate and analyzing total earnings per project.

Employee Overtime Timesheet

This specialized timesheet adds a helpful section for tracking overtime hours that an employee has worked.

Bi-Weekly Timesheet

This template is great for employees who are paid on a bi-weekly basis. It includes extra columns for the additional week to allow for time tracking over a longer period.

Monthly Timesheet

Similar to the bi-weekly timesheet, this template logs a month of working hours.

How do I use a weekly timesheet Excel template to optimise my working week?

Using weekly timesheets means improving efficiency and ensuring accurate pay. It really is that simple! By following these steps, you can easily utilize weekly timesheets in your day-to-day working life.

Choose a Template: Use our helpful list of different weekly timesheet Excel templates to choose a template that best suits your working habits.

Customize the Template: Once you have found the perfect template, you can change the formatting of the columns, add your name to the template and then save it to your desktop for easy access each week!

Enter Your Hours: To begin using the template just enter your working hours for each day of the week. Make sure you include any breaks you take and add any additional details that may justify an extended break one day or overtime hours worked.

Review and Submit: To ensure that your manager has oversight of your timesheet and that you’re paid accurately, submit the weekly timesheet when required!

Timely Tips for Using your Weekly Timesheet Excel Template

  1. Be consistent

Set a reminder to log your working hours each day so that it becomes part of your daily routine. This will be helpful when it comes to submitting your working hours in bulk at the end of the working period.

  1. Review regularly

Look over the information each week to analyze any inefficiencies in your work and potential discrepancies in the time you have logged on the weekly timesheet. This will allow you to work out how to increase your productivity and will ensure you’re paid as quickly as possible!

  1. Label each project

If you are working on a variety of projects, then ensure that you have used the same name for the respective projects and log them accurately to properly analyze your working week and bill clients accordingly.

  1. Set Goals

Using the data you gain from your timesheet, set up weekly goals for each task you’re working on to make your workflow more productive and to get the most out of your working life!

Excel Weekly Timesheet templates in a nutshell

Weekly timesheets can positively impact your working life. Choosing the correct weekly timesheet for your working style is vital for making the system part of your team’s daily working life. However, from increasing productivity to billing clients accurately, and even forecasting resource allocation, utilizing weekly timesheet tracking can endlessly benefit your workplace.

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