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Live reports, archived tags, team donuts and more!

Live reports, archived tags, team donuts and more!

We’ve still got a few Timely goodies to squeeze into the end of the year — and they’re big’uns! In addition to static reports, you can now share live reports with clients so they always see the latest available data on your projects. Due to popular demand, we’ve also created the ability to archive tags instead of deleting them, which allows you to preserve historic tag data while keeping your workspace neat. 💅 Check out your final 2020 goodies!

Share live reports with your clients

Need to update clients on project activity? Instead of exporting the same static report over and over, you can now share a live report. Clients just refresh your private report link to see the latest data – which can include individual time entry details.

Provided you’re on an Unlimited plan, just select “Live report” from the Share dropdown when you’re ready to publish your report. You’ll see there’s also a checkbox giving you the option to include individual time entry details, should you want to provide a more granular view of your activity:

Live reports update upon refresh to show the latest available data for the timeframe, filters and widgets you’ve selected – meaning clients can see time, budget, activity and billing data as it is logged on your workspace. If you want stakeholders to be able to follow the progress of a project across its lifetime, just set your live report timeframe to the day your project is due to end.

If you prefer to stay in control of the data you share with stakeholders, you can continue to export a static report, which provides a fixed record for a particular point in time. Just opt for “Snapshot” from the Share menu.
💥 P.s. You can now report on teams too! Visualize team data using the donut chart or table widget. We’ve also added the ability to report on non-recurring budgets, and total billed and unbilled hours.

Archive the tags you no longer use

Marking the first step in our project to streamline tags, you can now archive tags from your workspace! This allows you to clean up your Timely workspace without deleting historical project information.

If you have an individual tag that you no longer use hanging around and taking up space, just head to Settings Tags to archive it. You can do the same for entire tag lists too! Archived tags and tag lists can be restored at any point, should you need to use them in future:

Whereas deleting a tag will wipe it from your entire workspace, archiving a tag will keep it tied to past logged entries and allow you to report on it. You will see a note indicating that a tag has been archived on the entries that use it:

The whole idea is to help you keep your workplace clean with minimal effort; in particular, clarifying the tag options available for new time entries. Instead of going through each project to remove a redundant tag, you can now remove it universally in one swift action, all while preserving related data for posterity.

Capture time spent away from your Mac

In addition to Windows, our Memory app can now automatically capture idle time on your Mac. That means whenever you step away from your computer for whatever reason, Memory will detect your absence and draft an entry for the time you spend offline. It will then prompt you to quickly log that time upon your return, adding an additional layer of accuracy to your daily timesheet.

Just head to Preferences Advanced from the Settings cog inside Memory to enable idle time detection.

Memory optimizations

Finally, we’ve added a few new tricks to improve your Memory Inbox experience. That starts with improving the titles of individual memories to make them more descriptive. Memories for Stack Overflow, Quora, Medium and DEV now display question and article titles, and each YouTube video gets its own individual memory.

Likewise, Google Docs, Google Sheets and Dropbox Paper memories now show the name of the document you worked on instead of the app name.

Microsoft Teams direct message memories show participant names, and Slack memories show channel, conversations, unread messages and threads.

Finally, you can now search memory details and descriptions in addition to memory titles in your private Memory timeline search bar. 🔎

Something to look forward to…

We’ve been busy working on something that might just revolutionize your daily workflow. It’s a tool for those of you who are tired of hunting down documents, forgetting to grant everyone file access, and losing 2.5 hours each day simply looking for the information required to do your job. While we’re still tweaking and polishing, we want to give you a sneak peek at our third product, Glue.

Glue is an automatic knowledge hub for navigating the creative process. It unifies scattered files and conversations, and helps you untangle your work. By leveraging AI — the same machine learning technology used in Timely and Dewo — it can also reveal relationships between your work and surface the most relevant information for any given moment.

The first version will be landing in 2021, but we’re looking for alpha testers to help us perfect it. If you have a spare moment, we’d also really appreciate an upvote on Product Hunt. 🐈

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