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Monthly Timesheet Excel Templates are ideal for your business

Monthly Timesheet Excel Templates are ideal for your business

Monthly Timesheet Excel Templates are ideal for your business!

Looking for a simple way to record your employee’s working hours? Monthly timesheets Excel templates are a great option.

The template helps record the hours that an employee has worked within a month. That includes: an employee’s regular daily hours, overtime worked, and any vacation or sick days taken within the duration of the month. This is perfect for businesses that operate a monthly payroll process. 

Time is a company’s most valued resource. Timesheets offer managers the visibility of how their employees spend their time, enabling them to focus on maximising productivity within their business. 

How can Monthly Timesheet Excel Templates benefit your business?

All businesses seek ease and simplicity. Excel monthly timesheet templates offer just that. Most employees can operate Excel software, making completing their timesheets a straightforward task.

Excel monthly timesheet templates ensure a streamlined payroll process with the templates all being in the same consistent format which is easy to understand. Your business can also benefit from the ability to customise the templates in order to add extra information and set unique formulas to calculate information such as income tax. 

A monthly timesheets helps monitor the businesses’ productivity by allowing employees to see how they spend their time. This creates accountability within the business. Managers are better informed to project manage and allocate work across employees to improve business efficiency and performance, empowering your business to achieve its goals.

A simple timesheet should include:

  • Employee Name – The name of the employee,  job title, department and/or employee number. 
  • Date & Timings - Employee’s start time, end time and any break timings. 
  • Task or Project breakdown – Some timesheets provide space for employees to label their hours with the specific task or project that they have been working on, also noting down the client.
  • Overtime, Vacation & Sick leave – The timesheet will also track any overtime worked by the employee, along with any days taken away from the business for vacation and sickness.

With so many Monthly Timesheet Excel Templates to choose from, we’ve picked out our top 3….

Employee Timecard 

This Employee Timecard template tracks the total hours an employee works every day, in addition to any daily overtime hours worked. It breaks down the year by month. It displays the total weekly hours, and then for the whole month calculates
the total regular hours worked and the total overtime hours worked. For a more detailed insight into their working hours, customise this template to include space for your employees to note the breakdown of their hours by project or task.

Employee Attendance Record 

This Employee Attendance Record template records on a month by month basis the number of working days, sick days and vacation days. It calculates the key statistics for each employee in terms of days on leave and working days. This is
perfect for a business where employees have set regular hours with no overtime hours. You can customise this template to display the days spent on various tasks or client projects through a colour coding process for a more visual view
of how employees spend their time.

Employee Timesheet 

The Employee Timesheet Excel template provides a more detailed timesheet, recording an employees’ start time, end time and break timings for each day of the work week. This template can be customised to have an additional project/task column to record the number of hours spent between projects and tasks in each given day. 

How to get the most out of your Monthly Timesheet Excel Template

After you have selected the template that works best for your business, here are some top tips for using it:

  1. Customization - Add in extra columns to record more details. Re-label columns to suit your business’ language. Customise formulas to calculate additional information such as total number of hours worked on a specific client or project. Lock cells that include formulas.
    Add in a colour coding system to easily visualise the breakdown of hours or days spent on certain tasks or projects.
  1. Get your employees onboard! - Introduce your timesheet template to your employees and set a time in the week or month for your employees to complete their timesheets. This will create consistency and ensure that employees are completing their timesheets regularly and accurately.
  1. Consistency - Remember to be consistent. Get your employees to write the date as MM/DD/YY, not 26th February 2023. Likewise use the 24-hour format for time, use 17:30 instead of 5.30pm.

Let’s wrap this up

Monthly timesheets Excel templates can bring a wealth of benefits to your organisation: visibility, accountability, efficiency, productivity and accuracy. This then improves your payroll process, project management and business forecasting. 

While there is a range of timesheet templates to choose from, there is always the option to customise a template to suit your business needs further. 

To get the most of your monthly Excel timesheet template, make sure you instil a process within your organisation that is focused on accuracy and consistency. These timesheets need to be precise, with the correct hours filled in the correct format, as they are used to bill your clients and process your payroll. Getting your employees into a routine of consistently filling in their timesheets will help improve this accuracy, helping your business achieve its goals.

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