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Project Details in Timely

Project Details in Timely

It's important to know exactly what's going on with a project at any given moment. Timely provides you with the essential project statistics you need to stay on budget, update any stakeholders, and allocate your team resources effectively. Saving you time and saving you money.

Tags in Timely

Tags are great organizational tools and can be used in many different ways: tracking different project phases, tasks, and/or sub-projects.

With this functionality, as a manager, you’ll be able to understand the context and details behind the work required.

Customizable Tag Settings

Timely puts the power of customization in your hands. You’re able to customize tag settings across all of your projects, improving organization and making it easier to track work.

Visual Overview with Tags

The beauty of tags lies in their simplicity and effectiveness. Timely provides a visual overview of your tags, accessible from an Individual Project page or when creating a report.

Efficient Management, Time, and Money Saved

Managers can effortlessly stay on top of project progress, ensuring that budgets are maintained and stakeholders are well-informed.

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