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Streamline Task Management with Timely

Streamline Task Management with Timely

You’re busy, your team is busy, everyone is busy…

Luckily, Timely can help do the heavy lifting for you. By utilizing our tasks feature It can automatically prioritize your to-do list, help you plan work against your capacity, and highlight any risks to your deadlines. This makes it extremely easy to adjust plans and keep track of progress.

That means you can accurately report on the effort you put into each task without the hassle of start/stop timers and note taking. This is especially useful when it comes to setting realistic estimates for future tasks. With neat task progress bars that update as you log your work, it’s easy to scan the status of all work in progress.

Task Creation and Scheduling Made Simple

Timely lets you easily create tasks for everything you want to work on—with an estimation of time required and assign a deadline.

Once you’ve added your tasks, just drag and drop a task from your to-do list to add it to your schedule. This lets you see how much time you have left outside of your tasks each day for other requests—helping your team see how much capacity you have, as well as helping you deliver on your daily schedule.

Visual Progress Tracking

Planning and logging time to a task will update its progress bar. This helps you and your team visually follow the status of a piece of work without the need for stand-ups and status meetings. Your progress bar will show yellow wherever you’ve put in more time vs your original estimate. Timely will also flag whenever a task is falling behind schedule, allowing you to adapt your plans and shift priorities.

In a nutshell, Timely streamlines task management, making it easier to plan, track, and report your work progress.

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