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Time blocking apps: the best choices for teams and individuals

Last updated on
April 28, 2022
Time blocking apps: the best choices for teams and individuals

Of all the different time management and productivity techniques, time blocking is fast becoming one of the most popular. It’s not hard to see why; used by some of the most successful people in the world, including Elon Musk and Bill Gates, time blocking allows you to be intentional with the energy you spend on different tasks and protect space for your most important work.

The beauty of time blocking is its adaptability: you can make the blocks of time as small or big as you like, apply it in your personal life as well as professionally, and use it just as well as an individual as in part of a team. To that end, we’ve pulled together the leading time blocking apps around for each of those specific scenarios.

The best time blocking app for personal use


If you feel like your to-do list is getting longer and longer, you might want to try out Sunsama. This brilliantly-designed app is super simple to use: there’s a list of tasks, organized by date, and a calendar in the sidebar. Just drag and drop your tasks into your calendar—and because Google and Outlook calendars are both supported, it’s easy to use it in both your personal and professional life.

So far, this is all pretty routine for time blocking, but what makes Sunsuma special is how much easier it makes organizing your day. When you log in in the morning, you’ll be asked what you want to achieve that day, how long you think each activity will take, and when you want to work on each item. By making the process of blocking your day so effortless, Sunsuma removes the stress around time blocking, allowing you to focus on getting things done.

The best time blocking app for individuals and teams


If you work in a team as well as individually, Timely may be your ideal time blocking tool. This is an all-in-one tool for building, actioning and analyzing your to-do list—and it returns powerful insights that other time blocking tools can’t provide. Aside from its drag-and-drop calendar interface that makes time blocking easy, Timely also automatically tracks how long you spend on different pieces of work, allowing you to see how you actually perform against your estimates.

Timely is also intuitive enough to actively protect the space you’ve set aside for different tasks; once you’ve blocked out time for a piece of work, it updates your weekly capacity, allowing other people on your team to see when you’re available, and when they can and can’t book you for work. Plus, by tracking everything you work on, you can identify hidden time drains and inefficient workflows, so you can continually refine and improve your time blocking processes.

The best time blocking app for Google power users


If you’re a regular user of Google and want a simple way to apply time blocking to your day, check out Plan. Part to-do list, part calendar, part project manager, Plan has an easy-to-use user interface and focuses on straightforward planning, with the main objective being to help you save time. Once you’ve added in your tasks, you can drag and drop them in order of priority, and it’s up to you whether you create a single list or break it up into multiple projects.

Plan’s only real downfall is that it doesn’t support many integrations with other tools—but it does integrate seamlessly with Google and Outlook calendars. It gathers all meetings and events and automatically puts them in your Plan calendar, making it easy for you to block time around your existing commitments. Though it's a simple tool, it’s effective and, according to Plan, can save you an average of 15 hours a week.

The best time blocking app for Microsoft fans


If you’re more of a Microsoft fan, you might want to try out Weekly. Combining the standard Office 365 calendar with a flexible task list, Weekly is a simple and lightweight time blocking tool that’s incredibly easy to use—though it does still have an intuitive user interface. The only real downside is that it only integrates with your Office 365 calendar.

When you use Weekly you’ll have three different views: by day, by week, and by task. To every block of time that you allot, you can add your own description of the tasks as well as its deadline, category, and the amount of time you think you’ll need to complete it; then you can prioritize each task by importance. With Weekly, it’s easy to adjust and reschedule work, cross off tasks once they’re done, and generally stay on top of your schedule.

The best time blocking app for mobile


For those of us who prefer to use our phones for scheduling, there’s TimeBloc, a simple time blocking app that integrates just as well for Android as it does for iOS. There are four main elements to TimeBloc: timelines, where you can drag and drop blocks of time and break your day into hours and minutes; routines, for repetitive tasks; statistics, where you can visualize your progress; and Calendar integration, where you can add events from different calendar apps.

You can use colors and tags to customize and organize your events and tasks, set reminders, and create daily routines and schedules for every day and week – all in just a few clicks. The statistics feature is only available in the Premium version, but it provides you with the insights needed to improve the ways you work; once you know how much time you spend on different tasks, you’ll be able to review and change the way you plan your day.

Other time blocking tools worth considering

While the above apps vary in terms of simplicity and feature sets, they are all fully-fledged time blocking tools designed to help you get actively better at managing your time and objectives. If you just want to try out time blocking to see if it’s for you, you might want to consider trying it out on a basic calendar tool like Google Calendar or Outlook.

Just bare in mind that controls, logic, and features might not be as fluid or effortless as those of a dedicated time blocking app. If that’s the case, rest assured that most of the tools on this list offer free trials. Time blocking can save you huge amounts of time and stress and, in the long run, it might be worth paying for a tool that makes solving your schedule a breeze.

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