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What is Project Capacity? How Can Timely Help?

What is Project Capacity? How Can Timely Help?

Let's unravel the mysteries of project capacity, ensuring you never overservice projects and lose profitability. Ready for a capacity revolution? Let's roll!

Timely helps you make sure you’re not overservicing your projects and losing profitability at a glance.

The Workspace Capacity feature serves as a safety net against burnout by showing the total weekly hours, making it simpler to distribute workloads fairly- and wisely.

Think of the Projects page as your mission control center for staying on top of all of your proje cts. Here you get to keep track of your budgets, logged hours, and phase development.  

The Projects page gives you all the tools you need to track an individual project or to juggle several at the same time. It has all the tools you need to manage your internal resources while communicating a project's status to your clients.

In the Dashboard, you get a summary of all the project data that is most important to you. You can pin priority projects and scan Latest Activities for a breakdown of all essential project activities. It's a really useful starting point for keeping track of all your projects. 

In the Latest Activities tab, you have a log that details the budgets and other important activities related to your projects. This live feed is designed to keep Admin and Manager level users in the loop on project status updates as they happen.

Set milestones and never overservice your projects.

The Upshot

And there you have it – the capacity revolution with Timely! Protect profitability, manage projects like a pro, and stay in the loop with real-time updates. Ready to set milestones and conquer project management? Book a Demo, kickstart your revolution, and never lose sight of project success.

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