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What’s new in Timely: Quarterly update Spring 2024

What’s new in Timely: Quarterly update Spring 2024

Discover the latest Timely enhancements in our Spring 2024 Quarterly Update video! See the new Time Snaps feature in action, enabling you to round time entries to minute intervals, saving heaps of time and reducing errors. Teams can now enjoy seamless and secure approval workflows with Locked Time. Additionally, the simple yet impactful addition of Project Descriptions eliminates confusion caused by similar project names, making project management much easier to handle. Watch our Spring 2024 Quarterly Update video now!

Introducing Time Snaps: Effortless Precision in Time Tracking

Ever wish time tracking could be as effortless as snapping your fingers? With our brand-new Time Snaps feature, now it is! No more struggling with odd minutes or puzzling over gaps and overlaps in your schedule. The new Time Snaps feature is now available on all plans!  Simply click the two-way arrow in the Hour Editor, add your start and end times, and voila! Your time snaps into place effortlessly. Plus, for those who bill their time in specific units, Time Snaps lets you enforce this for each time entry you create.

How does this streamline your time tracking process?

By enabling you to easily add timestamps and snap entries to minute intervals, the feature ensures consistency and precision in time tracking, ultimately saving time and reducing errors. Overall, this feature enhances efficiency and accuracy in time entry management, facilitating smoother workflow and minimizing potential billing discrepancies.

Protect Productivity and Profits with Locked Time

Tired of accidental changes wreaking havoc on your timesheets? Say hello to Locked Time! This powerful feature safeguards your data integrity by preventing unauthorized alterations to your timesheets. Customize permissions in your Workspace Settings to ensure that only authorized team members can make edits, keeping your data accurate and reliable. This new feature is available on Unlimited and Unlimited + plans.

How does this help to reduce time spent on time tracking?

Locked Time simplifies time tracking by preventing accidental changes to timesheets. By automating the process of safeguarding data integrity, Locked Time frees up valuable time that would otherwise be spent correcting errors, allowing you to focus on more important tasks.

Enhance Project Clarity with Project Descriptions

Struggling to differentiate between similar project names? Enter Project Descriptions! With this handy feature, you can add brief notes to provide additional context. Project Descriptions provide invaluable context for your projects, providing clarity and reducing confusion so you can get your jobs done in Timely faster!

Stay Ahead with Changelog Updates

Eager to stay in the loop about the latest releases and improvements? Look no further than our changelog! Get the inside scoop on all the latest updates, improvements, and bug fixes straight from the Timely kitchen.

Bonus Improvements:

🚀 Boosted the speed of the Tasks page, ensuring it stays quick and responsive, even when you're juggling a mountain of tasks.

✨ Polished the tags creation process by making sure the field for adding a new tag clears out properly after you leave the page, keeping everything neat and tidy for your next visit.

🕴️Introduced a new feature allowing Team Leads in Timely to wield the power of setting Time Entry States, enhancing their ability to manage and organize tasks effectively.

💪 Upgraded our integration to harness their latest API version, ensuring smoother and more efficient communication between the platforms.

✅ Added the ability to selectively sync specific Boards from and Spaces from ClickUp rather than syncing all! 

Round Up

From Time Snaps to Project Descriptions, our Spring 2024 update is packed with features designed to streamline your time tracking process, improve efficiency, and enhance project management. With Locked Time safeguarding your data integrity and Changelog Updates keeping you informed, you'll be getting your jobs done in Timely lightning fast!

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